Mission Statement


The general aim of Sandwell Academy is to maximise student performance in all its forms.

We offer a broad curriculum which includes the National Curriculum with the opportunity of specialising in Physical Education and Business Enterprise.

In the Post 16 phase, we provide a wide range of vocational and academic opportunities for students of all abilities, emphasising opportunities in Physical Education, Sport, Business Enterprise and use of Information Technology when appropriate.


  • lensTo improve attendance to that above local and national average.
  • lensTo develop qualities of enterprise, self reliance and responsibility.
  • lensTo involve, as fully as possible, the wider community, including industry, business, commerce and parents in the education and training of the students.
  • lensTo operate a longer school day.
  • lensTo share research with the neighbouring schools and the educational community and where possible support collaborative developments locally.
  • lensTo remove the artificial barrier that exists between vocational and A-Level courses.
  • lensTo improve Post 16 staying on rates to those comparable with France, Germany, USA and Japan.
  • lensTo deliver the National Curriculum with extra Physical Education and Business Enterprise.
  • lensTo develop students as independent learners, preparing them for life long learning.
  • lensTo ensure that all students obtain their educational entitlement, irrespective of gender, religion or special need.