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Star Student

Denise Owusu and Daniel Thomas

PT Star Students

  • Harleen Duhra
    By Mrs Izadpanah
    Harleen had a brilliant week gaining 5 positives. Well done and keep up the great work.
  • Ayyub Mohammed
    By Miss Regan
    A huge improvement in Maths! He has shown a strong work ethic and an excellent attitude to learning! Well Done!
  • TKV / JMP Year 11 & Sixth Form
    By Mrs Virk
    A huge well done to the Year 11 and Sixth Form in my PT for a really positive start to their exams. Keep up the hard work.
  • Stephanie Owusu
    By Mr Hughes
    Stephanie has achieved an excellent result in her Mathematics assessment and will be moving up sets!! Well done Stephanie for all your hard work and focus. Keep it up
  • Jake Millard
    By Mr Golden
    A positive week, displaying great attitude to learning! Well done Jake for continuing to be a positive role model.
  • Whole PT
    By Mr Oppong-Adu
    Very positive week for you all. Keep it up!
  • Mya Kandola
    By Mr Ferguson
    Well done Mya for producing work to quality standard during your Maths and Science lessons last week.
  • Abdul Naderi
    By Mr Ullah
    Abdul has excelled in his mathematics lesson this week by producing a high standard of work in the topic isometric. He has also managed to achieve 5 positive house points because of his hard work and excellent classwork. Well done.
  • Karol Blicharski, Sophie Varley, Lillimai Baugh
    By Mr Byrne
    Well done for completing your first ever exam - great work!
  • Logan Cox
    By Miss Spillane
    For his contributions to PT and good deeds outside of school.
  • Naqeeb Mehmood
    By Miss S Scott
    Excellent week with 5 positive eportals. Well done.
  • Shannon Dhaliwal
    By Miss Bhandal
    Shannon is a committed pupil who tries hard in school and works to her best ability
  • Isla Walker
    By Dr Green
    Well done for an Excellent Half term. Keep up the hard work.
  • Nicholas, Engombe, Jay, Sophie, Sayeeda And Zoe
    By Miss Khan
    Well done to all the 6.1's in my PT who have been revising hard for their AS exams. Keep up the excellent effort and I'm sure you'll all do amazing :)
  • Leilani German
    By Miss Parker
    Leilani has managed to secure a work experience placement with HSBC. Well done for working hard to get a great careers experience.
  • Jessica Sutton
    By Mr Bansal
    Well done to Jessica for getting 5 positives this week. Keep up the good work!
  • Tyrese Rutherford
    By Miss Davies
    Completing the Bronze award for Duke of Edinburgh - Well done Tyrese!
  • Jaiden Patel
    By Mr W Smith
    Always willing to help in form, always has his portfolio, namebadge and work ready to show me and to a good standard. Well done
  • Louis Rushton
    By Mr R Smith
    For doubling his positive count for the year in one week! Well done!
  • Lucas Gillam
    By Mr Matthews
    This weeks star student is Lucas Gillam for a fantastic week full of positives. Well done!
  • Mekhifer Oates
    By Mrs Talwar
    For having a fantastic week and excellent effort in every lesson.
  • Quinton Ikediashi
    By Mr Kitchenham
    For receiving the most positives in my PT this week. Well done!
  • Olivia Phillips
    By Miss Woodhouse
    For her excellent work across all subjects this week, well done.
  • Tara Hargun
    By Miss SK Gill
    Prepared and performed a fantastic role play in Spanish. Well done Tara!
  • Saranne Batsford
    By Miss Ludy
    Saranne is star student this week for achieving the highest score in the class for her Science test. Well done, Saranne!
  • Niamh O'donnell
    By Miss L Scott
    Niamh has had a fantastic week, she has achieved 7 positive's from various teachers! Superb Niamh well done!
  • Raja And Adam
    By Miss Soor
    Well done for completing the PT citizenship this week and for participating in other extra work outside of school. Well done for raising money for Charity! Keep it up- Well done! :D
  • Mohammed Asif
    By Mrs Barnes
    Continued improvement in attitude and effort across the school
  • Anastazja Partyka
    By Mr Kearns
    Anastazja is a wonderful student who always gives her. She has worked really hard during this module, especially during her Spanish lessons. She has been preparing for her trip to Barcelona and is this week's star student for her commitment to this preparation during Session 3. Well done!
  • Gurpreet Sidhu And Rabnoor Kaur
    By Miss Deakin
    Well done both on achieving 3 positives each this week from your teachers for excellent effort in lessons-keep it up!
  • Harry Small
    By Mr Campbell
    Well done for working extremely hard and making a great start to your exam season. Keep it up!
  • Priya Chander
    By Mr Leach
    Great work this week. Particularly in Business and English. Well done!
  • Jensen And Kavanpreet
    By Mrs Hood
    Thank you to Jensen and Kavanpreet for delivering Citizenship to the PT this week.
  • Jake Richards
    By Miss Douras
    Jake is PT star student as he is continually a good role model to others in the PT and has recently been helping Year 11 students prepare for their exams.
  • Kelly-Ann Bridge
    By Miss Taylor
    For exceptional team work and role playing abilities in Spanish.
  • Alfie Stanley
    By Mrs Hamill
    Alfie has been awarded PT Star student this week for his positive contribution in lessons and his efforts in Spanish and Business this week. Well done Alfie. Keep up the excellent work :)
  • Steven Hackett
    By Mr Howard
    Congratulations on some fantastic work in PE and for being recommended as Star Student by your teacher.
  • Year 11/Sixth Form SSG/SXD
    By Miss Dunningham
    Well done to year 11 and sixth form students for their positive start to exams. Keep up the hard work!
  • Ranveer Basra
    By Miss S Kaur
    Came second in football in Scotland. Well Done!
  • Lauren Chand
    By Mr Rayson
    Well done on an excellent week in getting 4 positives. Keep it up.
  • Morgan Brunt
    By Miss G Kaur
    Well done on working so hard in all your lessons in the run up to your exams. Keep it up!
  • Teesha Chavda And Sophia Langley
    By Miss Gledhill
    Well done to Teesha for achieving a Distinction in her Year 9 Spoken Language speech. Mr Byrne was very impressed with your effort. Keep this up! Also well done to Sophia Langley for showing an excellent effort towards her first GCSE Business exam. You revised well and I am very proud of you.
  • Chloe Harper
    By Miss Ware
    For putting in extra effort on her coursework for Business and having a brilliant attitude this week! Keep it up Chloe!
  • Samuel Jones
    By Mrs Dhiman
    Excellent effort and great work ethic in Spanish and Maths. Well done!
  • Keon Tyke
    By Miss Bulto
    For a great week in Geography, where you labelled countries covered in ice and learned the countries A-Z, in Maths where you had two fantastic sessions working on isometric paper an completed all the tasks set and for being very focused and completed all your work in English. Well done and keep up the hard work!
  • Alyssa Dayrit, Amalinder Mann And Aaronveer Sandhu
    By Miss Millard
    Excellent conduct and support demonstrated at the Year 7 National Cup trip last week. You were all a credit to the Academy, well done! (LEM/FVM)
  • Max And All Year 12 Students
    By Mr Sturley
    Max, Curtis, Danveer, Ilisha, Jason, Joshua, and Patrice have all made an excellent start to the exam period. Keep it up and good luck.
  • Kamiah, Chloe, Mohammed And Bradley
    By Miss Williams
    Well done to our Year 8 PT members who have smashed their SATs exam recently!
  • Kenniel Barrett, Luke Preedy, Harriet Turner, Eliz
    By Mr Khuttan
    Well done to year 11 students with the ongoing preparation of GCSE exams. All working well together and helping each other out.
  • Lewis Woodward
    By Miss Hubble
    Nominated for a TV Choice Award for his participation in BBC's Back in Time for School. Good Luck.
  • Joseph Wright
    By Mr Miah
    For your fantastic effort and focus in class throughout the week.
  • Students In Our PT Who Have Sat Exams
    By Mr Williams
    For all their preparation and hard work. Well done and good luck!
  • Ameer Hussain
    By Mr Follis
    Ameer has had a brilliant year so far, keep up the great work!
  • Lino Sousa
    By Miss S Kaur
    4 Positives !
  • Year 11 And 6.1 Students
    By Dr Watkins
    Well done on your first week of exams - keep that revision up. You can do it!

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