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Redhill Primary Academy joins the Thomas Telford Multi Academy Trust. Other local Primary Schools invited to follow suit.

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Star Student

Junayd Ali

PT Star Students

  • Emily Hughes, Jude Mason And Harriet Cooper
    By Miss Soor
    Fantastic effort this year for getting the most positives this week! Well done and keep it up! :D
  • Mohammed Zain
    By Mrs Bailey
    Fantastic start to Academy life earning the most positives for our PT group this week! Well done for your effort and hard work - keep it up!!!!
  • Erin Hardy
    By Miss SK Gill
    Erin spent the weekend doing charity work to help homelessness. This included donating food, water and hot drinks. Well done Erin!
  • Laura Meakin
    By Miss Lowe
    Well done Laura, for being the highest house point earner in the PT so far!
  • Shannon Kaur
    By Mr Sturley
    Shannon was one of the top performing students in Cadbury house for the first two weeks. Well Done!
  • Benjamin Rams
    By Mr Kitchenham
    Ben is PT Star Student because he has made a fantastic star to his time at Sandwell Academy. He has socialised very well around the PT and Academy since starting earlier this month.
  • Andrew Chu
    By Mrs Chapman
    For a fantastic second week - receiving six positive entries. Well done Andrew!
  • Sukhjot Randhawa
    By Mr Hughes
    Sukhjot has received many positives this week across a range of subjects. He has be commended for his hard work and focus in sessions, where he has regularly produced work to a high standard. Keep up the hard work Sukhjot and well done!!
  • Luke Jones
    By Miss Bulto
    Luke, what a fantastic week with five positive entries in Music, Spanish and English. Well done for an amazing start to Year 7.
  • Chloe Beckett-Whitmore
    By Mr Bedford
    For receiving 8 positives in her first 2 weeks! She has settled in to the academy well, keep it up!
  • Gurjina Gill
    By Miss Martin
    Gurjina is star student for her fantastic work in lessons and the house points she has received in her first week. What a lovely start to the academy year. Well done!
  • Mohammed Haque
    By Miss Tickner
    For achieving an excellent amount of positives in his first week at Sandwell Academy for excellent effort and participation.
  • Leonardo Cardozo
    By Mrs Fellows
    For a positive start to the academy and for working hard to achieve numerous positives. Well done!
  • Mason Lovatt
    By Mr Oppong-Adu
    Very Good start to the term with lot of positives from subjects teachers. Well done!!
  • Lucy Garrison
    By Mr Miah
    For an excellent week and a great start to life at the academy
  • Kieran Richards And Tahir Mahmud
    By Mr Follis
    Both boys have had an excellent week during PT, well done!
  • Mohammed Ul-Hassan
    By Miss Scott
    Mohammed has had a great week with numerous positives in his lessons. Always punctual and polite! Well done Mohammed!
  • Jaidip Kaur
    By Mr Williams
    For being selected as a mascot for the upcoming England Women's Football Team match. Well done!
  • Ria Behl And Joshua Tandy
    By Miss Oakley
    Ria has already started to plan and complete revision for her subjects this year and Joshua was very helpful on the first day of school with the new year 7's and coach issues. Massive well done to both :)
  • Billy Fielding
    By Miss Williams
    Billy has settled in to his classes and PT well during his first week. He has been positive and tried his best in all lessons, even with an injured collar bone! Well done Billy and welcome to SA!
  • Elise, Zaina, Lucy And Caiden
    By Mr Rebecchi
    Congratulations for gaining a high number of house points for Archer house. You have had an excellent start to the year, keep up the hard work!
  • Zane Iqbal
    By Mr Rayson
    Well done for an excellent week, especially in Performing Arts and PE. Keep it up.
  • Vanessa Zwolinska
    By Miss Gledhill
    Vanessa has had a fantastic second week, she has received 6 positive comments from her teachers and has done particularly well in her Humanities lessons. Vanessa also attended her first Session 3 activity, embracing all aspects of Academy life. Keep it up Vanessa!
  • Bilal, Rebekah And Jaiden
    By Miss Gabrie
    Well done to the new Year 7 for having a fantastic week and settling in well into PT.
  • Aayaat Majid & Alesia-Denisa Bujor & Jake Pearson
    By Mr Masoud
    Great start to year 7. Settling in well and understanding expectations.
  • Marcus Pinnock
    By Miss Regan
    Well done Marcus, a excellent start to Year 11! Multiple positives for good classwork.
  • Harmanjot Singh
    By Mr R Smith
    For making an excellent start to life at Sandwell Academy and earning many positives.
  • Aadil Davey, Mohammed Usmaan & Emma Harmison
    By Mrs Virk
    Aadil & Mohammed have had the most positives in our PT. Emma has excelled in her after school gymnastics. Well done to all these students and keep up the good work!
  • Mya Holmes And Freddie Plant
    By Miss Scott
    Both Mya and Freddie have had an excellent week. Both have gained 4 positives this week for their excellent effort and hard work. Great start to the year. Keep working hard.
  • Shane Mathe
    By Mrs Barnes
    For achieving the most amount of house points for Archer House this week
  • Yari Dhanda
    By Dr Watkins
    An excellent week getting 10 house points for Astle- keep up the excellent work
  • Akbar Nahda
    By Mrs Hood
    Well done to Akbar for having another excellent week, gaining positives and being conscientious. Keep up the good effort.
  • Rohan Batth
    By Mr Leach
    Being helpful to the new year 7s, giving them advice and helping them settle in.
  • Raysa Ahmed; Tia Dhaliwal And Yousef Abu-Amara
    By Miss Dunningham
    Well done to the year sevens in our PT for settling into the academy life so fantastically and receiving in total 13 positives amongst them so far! Congratulations!
  • Harry Meredith
    By Mr Matthews
    This weeks star student is Harry Meredith for his excellent start to Year 7 achieving 7 positive comments within his first week. Well done on the fantastic start!
  • Kiara Morrison
    By Miss Kaur
    Kiara's had a fantastic week! She got 9 positives and no negatives! Keep up the hard work.
  • Isabella Priest
    By Miss Hubble
    Excellent week in the Academy. Well done.
  • Arnoldas And Tiara
    By Mr Byrne
    Well done to both of you for receiving numerous positives and having a successful start to the year.
  • Ahmad Rahimi
    By Mrs Ballinger
    Ahmad got 6 positives in one week. Such an incredible achievement. Keep up the good work.
  • Mckenzie Worley
    By Mr Ullah
    Mckenzie has adjusted to the ethos of Sandwell Academy really well. She has shown a lot resilience this week and professionalism. She has had a tough week, but still persevered in every lesson, producing excellent standard of work.
  • Sanad Yafai
    By Miss Burton
    Well done for getting all of your positives and making it onto the Astle house leaderboard, keep up your hard work!
  • Shane Willetts
    By Mr Howard
    Congratulations on your mature and quick response, helping another student who became ill on the train. Well done!
  • Lailah Davies & Jaspriya Mann
    By Miss Butigan
    Big Well Done to you both for achieving all your positives this week - joint most in our PT group!! Keep up the hard work
  • Kavish
    By Mr Bansal
    For being helpful in PT
  • Oliver Denton
    By Miss Dickenson
    Well done for actively seeking out way of completing D of E award
  • Isla Walker
    By Dr Green
    Well done on participating in the 3K colour run over the weekend
  • Rachid Djellali & Riyan Naim
    By Mr Campbell
    Rachid and Riyan had a very positive week at the Academy. Well done for your fantastic effort and conduct.
  • Paige Smart
    By Mrs Hamill
    Paige received 4 positives this week, for her excellent efforts in Music, English and Maths. Well done Paige, this is fantastic, keep up the fabulous work!!!
  • Jushua Hussain
    By Mrs James
    An excellent week with 4 positive Bromcom comments. Keep up the excellent work
  • Jessica Finney
    By Mr Frearson
    Took part in a colour run for charity over the weekend. Well done!

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