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Star Student

Prabjeet Kaur

PT Star Students

  • Leandra Speed
    By Mr R Smith
    Leandra has had a fantastic few weeks, made really positive changes and demonstrated a great attitude.
  • Jamie Emery
    By Miss SK Gill
    For his excellent effort in English and Spanish, as well as always being polite and respectful. Well done Jamie!
  • Grace Jarvis And Charmpreet Sandhu
    By Mrs Morris-Ashman
    Well done to these ladies for acquiring some of the most positives so far this year. Keep being good role models.
  • Carmen Whitlock
    By Mr Williams
    For doing extremely well in her Carboxylic Acid assessment and achieving an A*. Very well done!!
  • Coby Robbins
    By Miss Millard
    An excellent week achieving 7 positive comments and being a model student around the Academy. Coby has been given a PE Dream Team nomination for excellent work in lessons and it was fantastic to see him involved giving school tours for the Spanish department. Well done! (LEM)
  • Bradley Park
    By Mr Ullah
    Produced a high standard of work in Mathematics class work and excelled in his module three tests this week. Well done Bradley
  • Carrera Randhawa
    By Mr Matthews
    This weeks star student is Carrera Randhawa for her fantastic effort and behaviour this week. Well done!
  • Laura Meakin
    By Miss Lowe
    Thank you for your excellent contribution to the shoe box appeal!
  • Sofia Spencer
    By Mr Follis
    Sofia has achieved the most positives for Regis House in her year group so far this year. Keep up the great work!
  • Luka Lynch
    By Miss Tulloch
    Well done Luka for your continued positives throughout the term keep up the good work. All of your PT are proud of you.
  • Hollie Vanes
    By Miss G Kaur
    Fantastic effort made for organising food bank for PT. Very proud of your initiative.
  • Kelayah Williams-Rowe
    By Mr Bansal
    Well done Kelayah for an improved week with no negatives. Keep it up!
  • Monique Foster
    By Mr Leach
    Excellent work across the board in all of her subjects.
  • Giovanni Bryan
    By Miss Ilyas
    Overcoming difficulties
  • Ella Robbins
    By Mr Khuttan
    Ella is polite and always first to get forms and paperwork organised and brought back.
  • Jakub Smolarczyk
    By Miss Hubble
    Fantastic effort this week Jakub. Keep working hard. Well done.
  • Henna Hartland
    By Mr Templeman
    For doing well in her mock exams , especially and A* in PE! Well done
  • Cameron Smith
    By Mr Hughes
    Cameron has produced some outstanding essay's in Religious Studies over this last week. He has achieved two grade A's and a grade B! His teacher has commended Cameron for his hard work, focus and determination to succeed!! Keep up the hard work Cameron and well done.
  • Lucy Byrne
    By Mr Rebecchi
    Continued excellent hard work and dedication to learning at the academy.
  • Jayden Poole
    By Miss Onions
    He is a lovely member of the PT and is always first to arrive smartly dressed and well organised. A role model for some older pupils!
  • Lailah Davies
    By Miss Butigan
    Well Done on a great week full of positives! Keep up your efforts!
  • Success Eboye
    By Mrs Talwar
    Success did great work in RE. Well done.
  • Pavandeep Shergill
    By Mr Kitchenham
    Pavandeep has made a fantastic start to life at Sandwell Academy. He is a pleasure to have in my PT and he's receiving brilliant comments from his teachers. Well done!
  • The Whole PT
    By Mr Campbell
    I have nominated the whole PT as, this week, they achieved over 30 positives and very few negatives. This is a fantastic joint effort from everyone in the group! Well done! I am so proud of you all.
  • Tiannah Dixon
    By Mrs Hamill
    Tiannah has received 8 house points this week, for her fantastic efforts across both English and Maths, in addition to receiving an SLT postcard home. Well done Tiannah, this is so pleasing to see. Keep up the excellent work and keep pushing for more house points.
  • Rhianon Flute
    By Mr Templeman
    For getting places at all the colleges she has applied to. Well done!
  • Callum Morton
    By Dr Green
    Well done on receiving 50 positive comments over the last term!!
  • Will Harris
    By Mr Masoud
    For a great improvement in attitude towards lessons. Keep it up!
  • Maximilian Bodley And Patrice Clarke
    By Mr Sturley
    Both students secured A grades in coursework and an extra well done to Patrice for securing a job this week too!
  • Chloe Beckett-Whitmore
    By Mr Bedford
    For achieving 10 positives this week! Well done!
  • Tanvir Singh
    By Miss Dunningham
    Congratulations to Tanvir for receiving two conditional offers for University this week! Keep up all the hard work! The PT is very proud of your achievement.
  • Sinead Kelly & Harsimran Kaur
    By Mrs Virk
    Both Year 11 pupils in our PT have had a really positive week during their mock exams. They have been revising at home, in lesson and using all spare minutes in PT to help each other and ensure they understood the work. Well done, this is great to see!
  • Ava, Jani, Teesha, Esme Talbot
    By Miss Gledhill
    Well done to Ava, Jani, Teesha for performing really well in the Winter concert - excellent representation for our PT and you are all musically talented! Well done to Esme Talbot-Humphries for scoring an impressive 8, almost 9 on her mock PE test. Well done!
  • Kamiah Hakeem
    By Miss Williams
    Kamiah brought in a very generous selection of items for our Shoe Box Appeal, which will go a long way this Christmas for those in need. Thank you!
  • Dylan Evans
    By Miss Woodhouse
    Well done for a fantastic week, you have scored the highest amount of positives this week. Keep up the excellent work.
  • Cameron July-Williams
    By Miss S Kaur
    Consistently positive report all week! NO Negatives!!! A very good achievement!
  • Megan Carswell, Tiara Fennell
    By Mr Byrne
    Brilliant commitment to Tolkien house, representing the house in the Poetry Slam. Fantastic work!
  • Ryan Raj
    By Miss S Scott
    Excellent work in Computer Science and three positives this week. Well done.
  • Preston Round
    By Miss L Scott
    Preston has picked up a large number of positives this week which is fantastic. Hopefully he can continue his positive week and take this into next week. Well done Preston!
  • Charlotte Christy And Jessica Maybury
    By Miss Ludy
    Charlotte and Jessica have been nominated to be star student because of the highest number of positives in the PT. Well done both of you and keep it up!!
  • Breanna Long
    By Mr Rayson
    Well done for some excellent work in Maths and Spanish. Keep it up!
  • Brayden Homer
    By Mrs Bailey
    Well done for a positive week! Keep this focus and hard work up!
  • Emily Hughes And Jude Mason
    By Miss Soor
    Well done Emily and Jude for achieving 8 positives this week for your subjects. Keep up the fantastic work and effort- Well done :D
  • Shane Willetts And Alby John
    By Mr Howard
    Shane had an insightful experience teaching Alby Handball in PE this week. Well done!
  • Gurpal Dulai
    By Mr Oppong-Adu
    Well done for improved behaviour and receiving 3 unconditional offers from 4 Universities chosen.
  • Aaliyah Robinson
    By Mrs James
    Well done Aaliyah for receiving the most positive Bromcom comments in module 2. Keep up the great work
  • Ayyub Mohammed
    By Miss Regan
    Well done on representing Sandwell Academy during the enterprise challenge for WBA!
  • La Rayb Islam
    By Miss Bulto
    For the effort that she has made this week in all her subjects. She has pushed herself and has received very good comments from many of her teachers. A great attitude towards learning this week. Please keep up the hard work!
  • Piyush Bhor
    By Mr Golden
    An excellent start result in end of topic Biology test, supported by a number of positives this week for good class work and effort. Well Done Piyush!
  • Saara Ajmal
    By Mr W Smith
    Receiving fantastic comments from her teachers about her effort and commitment in lessons. Well done Saara - keep it up!
  • Grace Cowley
    By Miss Spillane
    For her consistent good effort across the board, but especially in Maths and Spanish.
  • George Duggal
    By Mr Miah
    For your excellent contributions to the PT and support to the younger members of the PT.
  • Aleena Hussain
    By Mr Ferguson
    Aleena has achieved a Grade 7 in her resent Religious Education test. Well done
  • Andrew Chu
    By Miss Khan
    For always displaying excellent behaviour and effort in his lessons. This week, Andrew received a total of 7 positive entries by his subject teachers for his fantastic participation in lessons. Well done!
  • Simitra Chand
    By Mrs James
    Well done for receiving the most positive Bromcom comments in 6.2 for module 2
  • Tyra Walker
    By Mrs Barnes
    Having a positive week, and participating in the Christmas Card Competition
  • Ben Kaninda
    By Mr Leach
    Fantastic work ethic and effort in lessons this week.

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