Parental & Visitor Code of Conduct

Parental & Visitor Code of Conduct

Sandwell Academy believes that our staff have the right to work in an environment where they are not subjected to abusive, threatening, aggressive or violent behaviour. This includes: use of inappropriate language, abusive comments, shouting, physical threats, physical actions. Parents and Visitors should note that any form of physical aggression towards staff will be reported to the Police.

The Academy understands that from time to time, an individual may be placed in circumstances they find difficult to manage, and their reaction may be to respond inappropriately, either through unacceptable language or abusive comments. Academy reception and administration staff (i.e. front line telephone staff) receive training to work in partnership with the person involved to try and find a positive outcome for all parties.

Academy staff are trained to give 2-3 warnings to a parent that they will terminate a telephone call if abusive or aggressive language is used.

First occasion of inappropriate behaviour

Any incident of abusive or threatening language towards staff is reported to, and recorded by the Head's PA along with a statement from the member of staff. At this stage, the Academy will regard the incident as a 'one-off' and no further action will be taken.

Second occasion of inappropriate behaviour

If a second incident where abusive or unacceptable language is used towards a member of staff, the person concerned will receive a letter from the Head informing them that their conduct is not acceptable and will not be tolerated by Academy staff.

Third occasion of inappropriate behaviour

If a third incident occurs, the person involved will be invited to attend a meeting with the Senior Deputy and/or Head's PA and the Parent Governor to discuss their conduct.


The consequences of several instances of abusive behaviour, or particularly serious one-off cases may involve parents or visitors being barred from the Academy site, the Academy refusing to accept telephone calls from a parent or visitor or a report being made to the police for further action.