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Teesha Chavda

PT Star Students

  • Xavier Walia-Bell & India Dugal
    By Miss Round
    Xavier for improving on his literacy and being outstanding in lessons India for winning a Maths competition out of 300 people! Well done to you both!
  • Mckenzie Worley
    By Mr Ullah
    Mckenzie is consistently performing to a high standard in all of her lessons. She is a pleasure to teach and always puts a smile on my face. Enjoy your Holiday.
  • Erin Hardy
    By Miss SK Gill
    For consistently achieving 10/10 in all her Spanish vocab tests this half-term and her excellent effort in Spanish. Well done Erin!
  • James Rowe
    By Mr Bedford
    For captaining the school Badminton team to a third place finish in the Black Country Badminton games.
  • Palwinder Chahal
    By Miss Gledhill
    Palwinder has had a much improved last few weeks and this week has ensured he has received no negatives. He has achieved a few positives, which should motivate him to achieve more next half term. Keep up the good attitude, Palwinder!
  • Rajan Patel
    By Mr Bansal
    Well done Rajan on getting 5 positives this week and for your wonderful effort and behaviour during Cadets Session 3.
  • Henry
    By Miss S Kaur
    Made a rose out of metal for valentines. Used his own time and effort to produce a lovely product.
  • Kavanpreet,Matthew,Olivia,Cayden,Megan,Rubecca,
    By Mrs Hood
    Thank you to Kavanpreet, Matthew, Olivia, Cayden, Megan, Rubecca, Sharonjit and Harpreet for completing the PT Quiz and thank you to the Reading Buddies (Matthew, Rubecca, Sharonjit and Harpreet) for reading with the Year 7s.
  • Harry Small
    By Mr Campbell
    Harry has taken initiative to start gaining experience for his apprenticeship as an electrician. Well done Harry this is fantastic.
  • Aleena Hussain
    By Mr Ferguson
    Aleena has produced work to a good standard in Spanish during Module 4.
  • Courtney Beards
    By Mr Duffield
    Courtney always arrives on time to PT and helps with PT tasks! Well done. (ABK)
  • Chloe Harper
    By Mr Rebecchi
    Excellent work in lessons and continued effort across the curriculum.
  • Sinead Kelly & Harsimran Kaur
    By Mrs Virk
    Sinead and Harsimran have worked hard this week to improve their mock results. They have behaved impeccably and have done us proud. Well done!
  • Lucy Garrison
    By Mr Miah
    For your continued hard work and another terrific week. Excellent work and effort in all subjects.
  • Safiya Robinson
    By Miss Soor
    Well done Safiya for Participating and Winning the year 10 Mathematics quiz at the University of Birmingham. Fantastic effort and fantastic job representing the Academy! Keep up the good work Safiya! :D
  • Mohammed Zain
    By Mrs Bailey
    Well done for being the top performer in the amount of positive comments this module for our PT! You are a fantastic Sandwell Academy student!
  • Ethan Bishop
    By Miss S Scott
    Well done for coming first in the Maths Quiz.
  • Tiara Fennell
    By Mr Byrne
    Well done for an excellent half-term, with all round enthusiasm and hard work. Keep it up!
  • Victoria Garcha
    By Miss Dunningham
    For achieving an A grade in a recent Biology test. Excellent result, keep up the hard work!
  • Jasmine Sidhu
    By Mrs Barnes
    Jasmine went to UoB to compete in a maths quiz and the team came first place. She had fantastic behaviour at the event and represented the academy outstandingly.
  • Navanjot Sandhu
    By Mr R Smith
    Fantastic effort this week, lots of positives and setting a great example.
  • Adaugo Oparah
    By Miss Woodhouse
    For her excellent work across all subjects. Well done on scoring the highest amount of positives this week.
  • Harvey Blake-Jones
    By Miss Onions
    Harvey is a very committed and mature student. He deserves Star Student for his dedication to his studies and preparation for his options next year.
  • LHH PT Group
    By Mrs Hamill
    All students have been awarded PT star student this week, due to their excellent efforts throughout this half term and for the high volume of positives they have received as a collective. Well done to all :)
  • Harleen Duhra
    By Mrs James
    Absolutely exceptional week for Harleen with 7 positives, 5 of which were from Maths. Excellent work Harleen
  • Sixth Form Students - Sanju, Tanya, Vinay, David
    By Miss Butigan
    Well Done for all your hard work this half term guys! Keep it Up!!!!!
  • Mohammad Tayyib
    By Mr Follis
    Has made an excellent start at reading A Christmas Carol this week.
  • Lewis Spoors
    By Miss Spillane
    For giving a presentation in assembly in front of all year 7s and 8s, well done!
  • Darcie Lewis
    By Mr Golden
    A very good week, high levels of effort and working to high standards.
  • Keon Tyke
    By Miss Bulto
    Another fabulous week with positives in Maths for excellent homework, classwork and focus. In English and finally in Geography for his great effort on the lesson about weather. Very well done again, Keon.
  • Morgan Brunt
    By Miss G Kaur
    Well done on managing your workload so well even during the 2nd set of mocks. Continue working hard till your finals now.
  • Elizabeth Sargeant
    By Mr Khuttan
    For improving this half term in PT and helping lead the PT Quiz every week.
  • Charlie Bedale
    By Miss L Scott
    Charlie has picked up a number of positives this week in various lessons as well as speaking in year group assembly which takes a lot of courage and maturity. Well done Charlie! A very happy and safe half term to my PT!
  • Sophia Price
    By Miss Williams
    Fantastic effort across all subjects. Well done Sophia!
  • Mohammed Haque
    By Mr Howard
    Great work in assembly, reading out in front of hundreds of their peers. Really proud of them, especially given the topic of the holocaust.

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