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PT Star Students

  • Brandon Cole, Ella-Mae Burford, Savneet Sumal
    By Mr Follis
    Completing the first half-term without receiving any negatives.
  • Zanayah Wallen
    By Mrs Izadpanah
    Zanayah has been absolutely amazing this half term. Consistent effort in all lesson, great attitude and manner towards her peers and teachers. Keep up the hard work.
  • Yu Xuen Li & Tor Telan
    By Mrs Virk
    Both students have had a great first half term and have settled in really well. Well done.
  • Pretty Loussakou
    By Mr Jones
    Pretty has finished the half-term in fine form, working hard in lesson and acting as a kind and caring individual towards her peers. Justly rewarded for an impressive number of book reviews too. Well done!
  • Amaan Arif
    By Miss Douras
    Amman has been nominated by the rest of the PT because of how helpful he is to everyone else in the group.
  • Leah Jesson
    By Miss Round
    Fantastic work, particularly in sport - well done!
  • Vijay Lal
    By Mr Bhopal
    Gaining 6 positives and no negatives for this week. Well done!
  • Jasmine Sidhu
    By Mr Chambaud-Boudet
    Jasmine achieved an excellent A grade in her Media mock exam which required her to analyse the cover of a magazine - an excellent result that has greatly boosted her confidence.
  • Leon, Mohit, Sameer, Armandeep, Gurjot, Ami, Anmol
    By Miss Soor
    Leon, Mohit, Loveneet, Sameer, Armandeep, Gurjot, Ami, Anmol, Well done for getting 100% attendance in Module 1. Well done Maya for getting 95% on your Spanish assessment :) Keep up the fab work! :)
  • Abhishek Singh
    By Mr Kearns
    Abhishek you are this week's star student for achieving your blue belt in kickboxing, well done!
  • Justin Seven Seven
    By Mr Golden
    A massive improvement in attitude over the last 2 weeks, resulting in an increasing number of positives. Justin also scored 5 goals and put in a man of the match performance for the football team. Keep up the good work Justin!!
  • Ethan Bishop
    By Dr Watkins
    Well done for being man of the match and participating in this weeks Maths house competition
  • Royce Biju
    By Mrs White
    Outstanding representation of form in the Mathematics competition
  • Riya Jagpal
    By Miss Round
    For outstanding positive comments from teachers this week.
  • Israel Taylor-Carlton
    By Mrs Barnes
    Well done a very good week obtaining several positives
  • Malia Howe + El'king Lipasso
    By Miss L Scott
    Both students have had a super week, achieving a good number of positives! Well done!
  • Stephanie Owusu
    By Miss S Scott
    Fantastic performance in assemble and excellent effort and classwork this week. Well done!
  • Jaspreet Khela
    By Ms Toure
    Jaspreet is committed to her studies and consistently produces good quality work. Well done for getting so many positives this week!
  • India Dugal, Sara Hama, Ryan Cox
    By Mrs Najran
    Well done for taking part in the Maths challenge.
  • Eloise Bridge
    By Mr Howard
    Congratulations on being the top performing student in the PT this half term. A fantastic achievement!
  • Takudzwa Mutemi
    By Ms O'connor
    Excellent effort and classwork over this half term. Well done!
  • Xanae Barrett
    By Miss Roberts
    A fantastic first half term, always prepared for learning and a great attitude. Much deserved!
  • Millie Hunter
    By Mr Blanche
    I would like to nominate Millie Hunter for her kindness towards other students.
  • Nicole Mawaro
    By Mr Hughes
    Nicole has performed in Assembly for all year groups over the last two weeks in aid of black history month. She has been fantastic and needs to be recognised for her confidence and commitment to the Academy.
  • Suleman Siddique
    By Mr Khuttan
    Well done for your effort with the languages poster featured on broadcast.
  • Bassam Sayyaf & Manvir Sandhu
    By Ms Chaggar
    Competing in Maths House Competition
  • Ajeet Dhaliwal
    By Mr Sturley
    Ajeet has secured a part time job and is working hard to balance his academic and working life, well done!
  • Isabel Copson
    By Mr Golden
    An excellent week across a number of subjects for Isabel. Well Done!!
  • Mekhifer Oates
    By Mrs White
    Well done Mekhifer for having the most positives this week.

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