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PT Star Students

  • Kashi K, Max C, And Amen O
    By Mr Jones
    Recommended for PT star student by Miss Bassi for their "exceptional hard work" in ICT. Well done!
  • Samyar Sobhani
    By Mr Howard
    Congratulations in being true to your standards, working hard and being a great member of the PT. Well done!
  • Sophie Timbrell + Evan Slater
    By Miss L Scott
    Both Sophie and Evan have had a fantastic week in school. They have focused well and have picked up a good number of positives, very well done!
  • Megan W
    By Mr Kumar
    Thank you for helping to promote the school this week on the Sixth Form open evening and sharing your artistic skills!
  • Ricky Kumar
    By Miss Bassi
    Well done on your excellent work ethic in ICT and receiving a HoY postcard for 'working exceptionally well in subjects'.
  • Jake Millard
    By Miss Bassi
    Well done on helping at the Sixth Form Open Evening!
  • Anya Elloitt
    By Mr Bilal
    For always demonstrating a positive attitude to the academy and her learning
  • Lilly, Monique, Mohit, Armandeep, Maya, Arjun
    By Miss Soor
    Well done to everyone for staying behind and helping out with the Year 12 Open Evening! Excellent effort and keep up the fantastic contribution towards the academy! :D
  • Laiba A, Sasha, Zoe, Fatoumata, Aleeza
    By Miss Malin
    Well done for helping with the open evening
  • Paige Smart & Abhishek Singh
    By Mr Kearns
    This week's star students for helping out in Sixth Form Open Evening and talking to over 400 parents and potential students. Well done!
  • Afsa Ali
    By Mr Khuttan
    Well done on bringing in the box for donations and starting of the selfless project.
  • Luca Yeats
    By Mr Roden
    Luca has received a very good report and continues to have excellent attendance and punctuality. Well Done
  • Gabriel Harvey
    By Miss Leach
    Consistent high number of positives and always willing to represent the PT in competitions! Well done :)
  • Xander Marriott
    By Miss Bassi
    Excellent effort and work shown in lessons this week, especially in Health & Social Care. Keep it up!
  • Ayaan Shakil & Rupinder Kaur
    By Miss Ryan
    Ayaan's has an excellent 100% attendance so far this term. Well Done!! Keep this up!! Rupinder is always silent during PT and behaving in the way the academy expects. She is a role model within PT.
  • Herah Noor, Jude Letford, Ameera Ahmed, Karanveer
    By Mrs Talwar
    Well done for a fantastic week.

Session 3


Dungeons and Dragons
Year: 7 8 9 10 11 6.1 6.2
Staff: Mr Musgrave
Cooking Club
Year: 7
Staff: Miss Stanley-Ahmed
ACF Cadets
Year: 8 9 10 11 6.1 6.2
Staff: Mr Jones
Video Game Club
Year: 8
Staff: Mr Singh-Uppal
Art Coursework Catch-Up
Year: 11
Staff: Miss Peace
Art Personal Portfolio
Year: 6.1 6.2
Staff: Miss Deakin
Year: 10 11
Staff: Science Staff
Health and Social Care
Year: 10 11
Staff: Mrs Dockery
Year: 6.1 6.2
Staff: Dr Watkins | Miss Truscott
Year: 6.1 6.2
Staff: Mr Kirk
Science Journal Club
Year: 6.1 6.2
Staff: Dr Watkins
Christmas Decoration Club
Year: 7 8 9 10 11 6.1 6.2
Staff: Miss Coxley


Music School Instrument Lessons
Year: 7 8 9 10 11 6.1 6.2
Staff: Mr Kearns
Homework Club
Year: 7 8
Staff: Miss Beddard
DT Club
Year: 8
Staff: Mr Hull
Academy Production
Year: 9 10 11 6.1 6.2
Staff: Ms Dickenson
ICT Intervention
Year: 10 11
Staff: Maths Staff
Year: 6.1 6.2
Staff: Ms Chaggar

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