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Jeevun Aujla

PT Star Students

  • Sukhneet Kaur
    By Miss Payne
    Well done for getting 9 positives and 0 negatives last week! Keep up the hard work :)
  • Abdulhameed And Clement
    By Miss Balagan
    Well done to Abdulhameed and Clement for showing a positive attitude towards learning and producing excellent work in all lessons.
  • Memi LU
    By Mr Oppong-Adu
    Outstanding achievement in all lessons. keep working hard!
  • Bhoomika Singh
    By Miss Spillane
    Excellent effort and work, achieving six positives this week.
  • Charlotte Christy
    By Mrs Fellows
    For excellent coursework in Performing Arts. Well done Charlotte!
  • Aaliyah Wallace
    By Miss Gatrad
    Working really hard in lessons for Ms Marsh!
  • Paviter Kahlon
    By Mrs Virk
    Well done to Paviter for being accepted onto an online work experience programme to shadow doctors. This will help him with his future and has demonstrated a good commitment and proactive attitude. Keep up the good work!
  • Chloe And Jairaj
    By Mr Sturley
    Excellent performance across the week - well done both!
  • Tristan Bennett
    By Miss Douras
    Tristan has shown a very mature and focused attitude in Mathematics lessons. Keep it up for all subjects Tristan!
  • Elan Pritchett
    By Mrs White
    Very good work in Mathematics this week
  • Freya Cartwright
    By Mr Hallan
    Fantastic focus in PT
  • Nicole Masih
    By Mr Ferguson
    Well done Nicole for producing work to quality standard during Spanish lessons.
  • Muhammed Shah
    By Miss Deakin
    Well done on your positives received from different teachers this week!
  • Jessica Hawthorn
    By Mr Bedford
    For having an excellent week and sorting out her career prospects with the career team.
  • Dylan Greenway
    By Miss Peace
    A great week Dylan, excellent attitude and the most positives in our PT too. Well done!
  • Jasveen
    By Mr Swain
    Jasveen recently entered an English competition and won! Well done Jasveen!
  • Samuel Cutting
    By Mrs Brooks
    Samuel is such a polite young man within PT and most of the time very quiet. I am so pleased he has not received any negatives since we started school in September. You are a good example to follow in PT
  • Amrik UPPAL
    By Miss Dickenson
    most positives in the PT group this week
  • Deep Multani And Daniel Mansell
    By Mr Hughes
    Deep and Daniel have achieved a fantastic set of mock results from their subjects. These two are clearly working very hard in lessons. Keep up the hard work!
  • Joseph 8M
    By Miss S Kaur
    For receiving 8 positives this week! Well done Jo!
  • Emily Tite
    By Miss Truscott
    For consistently gaining numerous positives every week, brilliant effort each week. well done!
  • Javante Thompson
    By Mrs Akay
    Well done for getting the most positives out of our PT. Keep up the good work!
  • Gurdeep Sidhu
    By Mr Kearns
    Gurdeep has worked hard on a new hobby outside of school, and has created his first mix as a DJ. Well done!
  • Tyrese Jones-Hardial
    By Miss L Scott
    Tyrese was nominated by 5 members of the PT for an outstanding lesson in History where he positively contributed to the lesson and gave some excellent answers. Well done Ty!
  • Saima Akhtar
    By Mr Howard
    For being a force for good in the PT. Well done!
  • Cameron Ali
    By Mr Emery
    Well done for a positive week in your BTEC Business Studies lessons - keep it up.
  • Evans Aluma
    By Miss Woodhouse
    For an excellent week working on Teams. Well done.
  • Loreal Dube
    By Miss S Scott
    For an outstanding presentation in Business.
  • Gurkeerat Nijjar
    By Ms O'connor
    Well done for Outstanding work in Business this week. Keep it up!
  • Jack Yates And Amritjot Kaur
    By Miss Roberts
    Both worthy students this week. They have both been nominated for always doing the right thing in PT.
  • Jasmeen,Xayn,Viney, Shubhkarman,Simranit,Jaskaran
    By Mrs Hood
    Well done to Jasmeen, Xayn, Viney, Shubhkarman, Simranit and Jaskaran for their efforts with classwork which had been acknowledged. Keep it up
  • Juvraj Dhaliwal
    By Mrs Barnes
    Excellent ICT mock result
  • Jasmine Samrai
    By Ms Chaggar
    Received a positive in Business for working well
  • Lucas Woodward
    By Miss Round
    For being fabulous and earning amongst the top positives in the school!
  • Arees Abbas And Quayjarn Clarke
    By Mr Ullah
    Both student Arees Abbas and Quayjarn Clarke have made excellent progress in RE. Both demonstrated great maturity and willingness to improve. Well done!
  • Basma Mohamed
    By Miss Mehta
    Well done for doing well in your exams and being dedicated to your University application!
  • Gurkarn Singh
    By Mrs Williams
    For zero negatives over 6 weeks and 21 positives. Excellent effort!
  • Harriet Turner
    By Miss K Goddard
    Well done to Harriet for only dropping two marks on her Maths mock - extremely impressive!
  • Dylan Shaw
    By Mr Khuttan
    well done for gaining the most positives this week.
  • Julia Scoarta
    By Mr Ferguson
    Well done Julia for receiving 23 positive comments from your subject's teachers.
  • Leona Nabulya
    By Mr Golden
    A fantastic work, demonstrating a great work ethic and attitude to learning. Well done Leona
  • Bibek Kaur
    By Mr Hallan
    Excellent focus in PT
  • Skye Dixon
    By Mr Follis
    Skye has taken the decision to hold the door open in PE on several occasions for everyone to walk through. Skye did this without being asked which impressed me.
  • Christian - Paul
    By Miss L Scott
    Chris was nominated by the group for a super PE lesson - well done Chris! Keep up the good work!
  • Alfie Stanley
    By Mr Chambaud-Boudet
    Alfie achieved a grade 9 in his Spanish Mock Examination - a fantastic achievement.
  • All Students In 7O
    By Miss Woodhouse
    For their excellent work this week- keep up the great work
  • Katie Bevan
    By Ms Toure
    Katie Bevan was awarded the runner up prize for Oxford University’s Brearley Essay Prize for her essay on Feminist Foreign Intervention. Well done!

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