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Tirval Beckford

PT Star Students

  • Raja, Maddison, Jude, Taran
    By Miss Soor
    Well done to Raja, Maddison, Jude and Taran for helping out in the open evening. Fantastic academy representation. Well done and Keep it up! :D
  • Tafari Hinds
    By Mr Howard
    Congratulations in representing the school successfully at football this week.
  • Maariya Hanif
    By Miss Scott
    Well done for supporting the school with Year 6 Parents evening.
  • Mya Kandola
    By Mr Ferguson
    Mya has received some positive comments from her teachers' during Module 1 report.
  • Mya Sanghera
    By Miss Woodhouse
    For a fantastic contribution to Sandwell Academy Open Evening. Well done.
  • Navneet Kaur, Francesca Hall & Annabel Harper
    By Mrs Virk
    All three girls represented the Academy superbly well during our Year 6 open evening. Well done!
  • Tara Hargun And Ria Purewal
    By Miss SK Gill
    Achieving the most positives in the PT group this week. Well done Tara and Ria!
  • Adam Heeley And Rhianna Johal
    By Mr Byrne
    Excellent effort at all times. It is because of you two that we are storming the league tables for positives - keep up the fantastic work!
  • Elie Smith
    By Mrs Hamill
    Since the start of the term Elie has been awarded 36 positives and has the highest number of positives in the PT group. Elie also received an excellent module report this week, a very worthy Star Student !!
  • Kulraj Purewal
    By Mr R Smith
    For an excellent week, getting lots of positives and being a great role model.
  • Hannah Riley
    By Mr Bansal
    For doing the PT quiz. Well done!
  • Harpreet, Jessica And Jensen
    By Mrs Hood
    Thank you and well done to Harpreet, Jessica and Jensen for attending Opening this week.
  • Victoria Garcha
    By Miss Dunningham
    Congratulations to Victoria for achieving two A's in her Chemistry topic tests. Well done, keep up the hard work!
  • Yasmin Hewitt
    By Mr Rebecchi
    Yasmin has had a fantastic start to the year making an excellent improvement in her attitude to learning and effort. Yasmin received a glowing module report that I am delighted with. Keep up the hard work!
  • Charlotte Christy
    By Mrs Colley
    Charlotte has worked hard this Module and gained 24 positives. This is the highest in the PT. Well done Charlotte, keep up the good work.
  • Jordan Shaw
    By Miss Hubble
    For continuing to work extremely hard in all lessons. An amazing role model to younger students.
  • Jasveen Walia
    By Miss Tickner
    Well done for achieving the most positives in the PT this week.
  • Sophia Price
    By Miss Williams
    Sophia received the most amount of positives in the whole PT this module...well done!
  • Deep And Dabakeh
    By Miss Kaur
    Both of these students were involved in Building Nations over enrichment and were runner-up in the challenge. Well done.
  • Monique Foster
    By Mr Leach
    Having an excellent week, getting 10 positives.
  • Travis Walter Smith
    By Miss Marsh
    Good citizenship show in the school environment.
  • Pharren Clarke-Williams
    By Miss Khan
    Pharren has had a positive week. He has taken part in the year 7 open evening and participated in session 3 activities. This gave him a total of 5 positives. Well done Pharren, keep it up!
  • Lailah Davies & Alana Lowe
    By Miss Butigan
    Well Done both on yet another FANTASTIC week! Keep up all the hard work and efforts! Walters house appreciates you!!!
  • Samay Braich
    By Miss Dickenson
    Excellent module 1 report. Well done.
  • Thomas Rushton
    By Miss Spillane
    For pursuing badminton outside of school and winning a competition. Well done!
  • Joseph Law
    By Miss Gabrie
    For being such a great help on Year 6 open evening- well done Joe!
  • Fabiha Ahmed
    By Mr W Smith
    A fantastic first module report. Excellent classwork, homework and effort demonstrated in all subjects. Really positive comments from all teachers and a good commitment and enthusiasm shown. Well done - keep it up!
  • Rhea Seehra
    By Mr Ullah
    Rhea has worked extremely hard this week. She has shown perseverance and a strong work ethic in Mathematics and Art, long may this continue. Well done.
  • Ravinder Sangra, Alisha Verma, Lily Creary
    By Mrs Barnes
    Well done on representing the Academy in the Year 6 parents evening
  • Callum, Mohammed, Brayden, Zain, Derneya, Meghan
    By Mrs Bailey
    Well done for having 100% attendance this module in our PT - KKB!
  • Charley Brookes
    By Mr Hughes
    Charley has received 20 positives this module and 0 negatives, clearly highlights her outstanding work ethic and positive attitude towards her studies. Charley has settled into the academy exceptionally well and is excelling in her subjects. Keep up the hard work Charley as we move into Module 2!. Well done!
  • Thannima Alam
    By Mr Masoud
    Great effort on her personal statement. Good end of module report with 100% attendance
  • Taran Singh
    By Mr Follis
    Taran has been one of the top performers in terms of positive comments received from staff. Keep up the good work.
  • Harneet Purewal
    By Mr Khuttan
    Harneet is always pleasant, hardworking and helpful. Well done and keep it up!
  • Henry Riley And Ava Wheeler-Christie
    By Miss Gledhill
    Well done to our brand new year 7s for having a great week representing the Academy. Henry helped his football team secure a 17-0 win at a recent football fixture, and was also mentioned on the Whole School broadcast for achieving lots of positives. Ava represented the Academy well at this week's Year 6 Open Evening and subsequently earned Walters 10 House Points. Well done!
  • Jonathan Brown
    By Mr Miah
    For an improved week and representing the academy well on open evening
  • Natalia Bartczak
    By Mrs James
    Natalia has been really helpful this week with the organisation and distribution of module reports
  • Kitana Southall
    By Mr Frearson
    Excellent effort on DofE enrichment. Made a great impression with her group leaders. Well done.
  • Lucas Woodward
    By Mr Campbell
    This week, Lucas completed a 22 mile sponsored swim in aid of the charity ASPIRE. Well done for such a fantastic achievement! We are all very proud of your dedication.
  • Rhyianna Hamilton
    By Mr Leach
    Having an excellent Module report with lots of excellents.
  • Lauren Chand
    By Mr Rayson
    Well done Lauren for some great work this week, especially in Maths, Art and Technology. Keep it up!
  • Ravneet Chahal
    By Mr Matthews
    This weeks star student is Ravneet Chahal for her fantastic work in showing visitors around the academy on open evening. Well done!
  • Joel Turner
    By Miss Bulto
    For being incredibly helpful during the Information evening and for having had an amazing week in Maths with really good comments from your teachers. We are proud of you!
  • Vyshonne Walker
    By Mr Sturley
    Vyshonne has been signed for the Nottingham Forrest Football Academy - Well Done Vyshonne!

Session 3


Homework Club
Year: 7/8
Staff: VB/SF
Year: 7/8/9
Staff: AGB
Year 8 Maths Intervention
Year: 8
Staff: Maths Staff
Year: 8/9
Staff: SH
Year: 8/9
Staff: LAW
Table Tennis
Year: 8/9/10/11
Staff: TAD
Boys Basketball
Year: 8/9/10/11
Staff: CLF/ABK
Year: 8
Staff: CGS
Year: 9/10
Performing Arts Rehearsals
Year: 9/10/11/12/13
Staff: AMD/LJH
Bronze DofE
Year: 10
Staff: SJR
GCSE Business
Year: 10
Staff: SJR
Year: 10/11
Staff: KAO
Year: 10
Staff: MBB
Health and Social Care
Year: 11
Staff: NLL
Computer Science
Year: 11
Staff: BJR
BTEC Science
Year: 11
Staff: JCG
Year: 11
Sixth Form Religious Studies
Year: 12/13
Staff: SSG/TKV
BTEC ICT & Computer Science
Year: 12/13
Staff: HMS/BJR
Health and Social Care
Year: 12/13
BTEC Science
Year: 12/13
Year: 12/13
Staff: SH
WBA Catch Up
Year: 12/13
Staff: SMF/ABK
Year: 12/13
Staff: Chemistry Staff


Year: 7/8/9/10/11
Staff: KAO/SW
Year: 7/8/9/10/11
Staff: LAS
Music School
Year: 7/8/9/10/11/12/13
Staff: EOD/AJK
A/B Football
Year: 8
Staff: BJR/ABK
Year: 9/10/11/12/13
Staff: RMD
Year: 10
Staff: NJB
Silver/Gold DofE
Year: 10
Staff: SJR
Mathematics Higher
Year: 10
Staff: JJH
Year 11 Spanish
Year: 11
Staff: AHB/NNP
6.1 Mathematics
Year: 12
Staff: AGB
Year: 12/13
Staff: DDC

Sports Fixtures

Today's Fixtures

Sandwell Cup Y 7,8 & 9 v Q3 Langley
3:00pm to 5:30pm
U14 & U16 Netball Perryfields
3:20pm to 5:00pm
Year 10 B Team ESFA v South Bromsgrove
2:00pm to 5:00pm
Year: 10

Tomorrow's Fixtures

AOC Cup Basketball Team v Birmingham Met College
1:30pm to 4:30pm
AOC Cup U18 A Team v Aston Manor A Team
2:00pm to 4:00pm
U14 Girls v Ark King Academy (A)
3:30pm to 5:30pm
County Football Trials
6:00pm to 8:00pm

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