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PT Star Students

  • Malika Rattan
    By Mr Kearns
    Well done to Malika Rattan for her excellent work in Business this term. I have received messages from both of your Business teacher's who have expressed how impressed they are with your work this term.
  • Evie Johnson
    By Miss Lalria
    great effort all week in lessons!
  • Annabelle Harper
    By Mr Bilal
    Fantastic dedication to her role as Student Leader
  • Ava Newport
    By Mrs White
    For most positives this week
  • Jahdell Holgate & Evangeline Cooper
    By Mr Howard
    Congratulations to you both on an excellent week in the Academy, gaining lots of positives and making lots of progress.
  • Angel Bhatti
    By Mr Follis
    Angel has made a fantastic start since joining Sandwell Academy. Keep up the great work.
  • Josh Hamzah, Ainara Gardia And Nabiha Mim
    By Mr Ferguson
    Josh, Ainara and Nabiha have demonstrated a positive attitude towards learning this week.
  • Kirsten Everett
    By Miss Woodhouse
    Well done for achieving Player of the match for the last three matches in Netball. This is a fantastic achievement. Well done.
  • Jakub Smorlarczyk
    By Mr Chambaud-Boudet
    Jakub achieved the highest mark (94%) in the year 13 mathematics mock examination - this is an outstanding achievement and I hope this gives him the confidence to achieve an A* in the final examination. A very well done to you, Jakub!
  • Eve Fortune And Ashkan Aminisadrabadi
    By Miss Peace
    For consistently being prepared, showing excellent attitude and being kind.
  • Deep Multani
    By Mr Hughes
    Biggest contribution for Hadley House this year so far. Deep is working extremely hard in lessons and staff are recognising his efforts. Well done
  • Taylor Gray
    By Ms Dockery
    Well done for achieving 8 positives in school this week - you have shown great improvement!!!
  • Edward Daniels
    By Mrs Fellows
    Eddie has made positive contributions in English this week and has been helpful and caring in PT.
  • Maya Kaur
    By Miss Soor
    Well done Maya for getting positives this week! Keep up the reading and keep writing a book review! Well done :)
  • Myles, Essam, Damian And Zannatun
    By Miss S Scott
    This week there were lots of nominations for PT Star Student. Well done to Damian for showing perseverance during sports day. An outstanding performances in football and dodgeball from Essam and Myles. Both were credited with "carrying the team". Finally, Zannatun for achieving a Distinction in her Health and Social Care exam. Well done 6.2 Regis!
  • Zara, Najeyah, Alisha, Syeda, Sumayya
    By Mr Sturley
    Excellent teamwork in the 6th Form Sports Afternoon!
  • Sophie Timbrell And Tyrese Hardial Jones
    By Miss L Scott
    Both students have been nominated by the class this week for their excellent week in school, well done both!
  • Manheer Singh
    By Miss Round
    Having an excellent attitude towards the Academy and for taking a leading role in PT.
  • Teesha Chavda And Eve Cowles
    By Miss Hubble
    The girls are PT star students this week after receiving a very complimentary email from Spanish. They both work so hard and go above and beyond with their work. Excellent girls! Keep it up!
  • Riley Petrie
    By Mr Blanche
    For good behaviour across this term!
  • Maya Sanghera, Arun Shubh And Sonia Shazad
    By Ms Chaggar
    Good work in Media Studies this week
  • Armanno Gordon
    By Ms O'connor
    Well done for consistently getting positives for good classwork since the start of September. Keep up the excellent work!
  • Andia Khalid
    By Miss K Goddard
    Great improvement in comparison to previous weeks in terms of behaviour and positive - plus a fantastic effort in this weeks quiz!
  • Manveer Malhi
    By Mr W Smith
    Well done on the continued hard work throughout the Academy. Manveer is gaining loads of positives from his teachers who are equally impressed. Well done!
  • Daya Gill
    By Mrs Hood
    Congratulations to Daya for passing his driving test, well done
  • Aleena M, Gurteghjit U, And Isaac R
    By Mr Jones
    Aleena - Positive attitude and a friendly face. Gurteghjit - Determined attitude to learning and consistent effort. Isaac - Always kind and caring.

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Girls Football
Year: 7 8 9 10 11
Staff: LAS HC
Year: 7 8 9 10 11 6.1 6.2
Staff: TBC
Music School
Year: 7 8 9 10 11 6.1 6.2
Staff: AJK LJH
Year: 18 6.1 6.2
Staff: SMF
Jewellery Design
Year: 7 8
Staff: CAW
Year: 7 8 10 11
Staff: Science Staff
Homework Club
Year: 11
Staff: VB
Year: 11
Staff: Spanish Staff
Year: 11
Staff: Art Staff
GCSE History
Year: 10 11
Staff: History Staff
Year: 11
Staff: Geography Staff
Duke of Edinburgh
Year: 10 11 6.1
Staff: JMP
Year: 6.2
Staff: NNG SSB
Year: 6.1 6.2
Staff: NJT
Art Coursework
Year: 6.1 6.2
Staff: MJP


Science Club
Year: 7 8
Staff: EEZ
Year: 7 8 9 10 11
Staff: ALP
Boys Football
Year: 8
Staff: CLF EH
DT Club
Year: 7 8
Staff: EII
Dance Club
Year: 7 8
Staff: LJH
Year: 9 10 11
Staff: RMD
Homework Club
Year: 9 10
Staff: VB
Target 9
Year: 11
Staff: DLW KKF
DT Op3
Year: 11
Staff: PMJ
Food and Nutrition
Year: 11
Staff: ASA
Year: 10 11
Medical Careers
Year: 11
Staff: ST NJT
Year: 11
Staff: Science Staff
Year: 6.2
Staff: AGB TWC
Year: 6.2
Staff: KAH
Year: 6.2
Staff: Chemistry Staff
Year: 6.1 6.2
Staff: Physics Staff
Year: 6.1 6.2
Staff: HSC Staff
Year: 6.2
Staff: SKL
Year: 6.1 6.2
Staff: NJT
Year: 6.2
Staff: NNG SSB

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