PT Star Student: Week Commencing 7 Oct 2019

Niamh O'donnellNiamh has already accumulated 34 house points this term which is superb! Niamh is an outstanding student.Miss L Scott
Harriet TurnerExcellent presentation during Enrichment representing Walters. Well done. Mr Khuttan
Millie HickmanFor receiving an outstanding number of positives and getting no negatives so far, well done!Miss Spillane
Tiella EdwardsWell done Tiella for all your hard work and positive attitude. Keep it up.Mrs Talwar
Chisom Awarded a Senior Leader Award (20 House Points) for excellent History work - From Mrs Walton. Miss S Kaur
Yari DhandaWell done for your effort in Science lessons and teaching part of the class.Dr Watkins