Year 10 student wins golfing award for sportsmanship

Tue, 06 Oct 2020

Year 10 student Jensen Berridge is a keen golfer and has played in various tournaments across the country over the last five years. Jensen has recently achieved an excellent handicap of 6.5 making his family and coaches very proud.

Jensen has recently been awarded The Jim Furyk Award for Sportsmanship by the 3 Hammers Golfing Complex in Wolverhampton. Jim Furyk himself chose Jensen for this award for his commitment to volunteering at the complex as a mentor, working with the younger children and teaching them to play golf in his spare time. 

In July of this year Jensen was also presented with a personal letter and signed photo from Jim Furyk, who is a PGA professional golfer and Ryder Cup Captain.  This has been a great achievement for Jensen in his golfing career and his story has even been featured on the BBC Sport website!

Jensen said, “I am very happy and proud to receive the award and am grateful for my coach putting me forward for this”.

Well done Jensen!

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