PT Star Student: Week Commencing 26 Nov 2018

Ellie GarfieldProactive and charitable citizenship - Being the first pupil in the PT to bring in a food contribution for charity, the day after she was asked. Miss Marsh
Callum BeardWell done for keeping up our house with your many positives - great job!Mr Byrne
Hussain AfzalExcellent effort in lessons this week, particularly in Geography, Science, Maths and Performing Arts. Well done. Miss S Scott
Oliver LinfordWell done for showing a good improvement in Module 2 with lots of positivity in many subjects. Keep it up!Mr Rayson
Quinton IkediashiQuinton has a brilliant amount of positives through his fantastic work ethic! Well Done! Mr Kitchenham
Harneet PurewalWell done Harneet for this week's start student for being so helpful to the tutors during PT time.Mr Khuttan
Halina AkhtarHalina has made a big difference since the beginning of term. She has really tried hard in all her lessons and the positives she has received really reflects this. Keep it up Halina - well done!Mr W Smith
Siraaj HussainSiraaj has produced some high standard of work during his science lessons this week achieving three positive house points. Keep up the good work.Mr Ullah
Muhammed Ahmed And Amaad AliWell done on getting the most positives last week. Miss G Kaur
Samuel Jones & Katie WallWell Done Year 8 Students Samuel Jones & Katie Wall on a fabulous week full of positives!Miss Butigan
Olivia PhillipsFor her hard work and commitment in her school football team this week. Well done on a fantastic performance in two cup games this week progressing to the next round for both cups. Well done Olivia for your excellent representation to Sandwell AcademyMiss Woodhouse
Harvey SangerCongratulations Harvey for your positive contribution to PT. Keep up the good work.Miss Tulloch
Evie StowFor a fantastic effort in module 2.Mr Miah
Bibek KaurFor her consistent good effort and motivation and for completing extra English work outside of lesson, well done!Miss Spillane
Raysa Ahmed And Bailey PearsonCongratulations to Raysa and Bailey this module for achieving the most positives in our PT! Well done and keep up all the hard work!Miss Dunningham
Charlotte HandsCharlotte received a really positive module report and continues to show a great attitude towards learning. Well done Charlotte!! Miss Williams
Matthew Clayton And Harpreet BangaWell done to both Matthew and Harpreet for gaining awards at Year 11 Achievement Evening. Congratulations from the whole PT.Mrs Hood
Evie BainesFor all her positive house points. An excellent contribution to the house competition. Well done!Dr Watkins
Amelia Bodley Well done for earning so many positive comments. Mrs Powell
Whole PTVery positive week for you all. Keep it up!Mr Oppong-Adu
Kaash PatelKaash won the award for GCSE PE at this week's achievement evening. Very well deserved, well done Kaash !!!Mrs Hamill
Mr Williams' PT GroupEvery single member of the group shared their personal achievement for the week and all were of such a high quality that the PT group chose to award the entire group with the accolade of PT Star Student. A rare and exception performance by all. Well done!Mr Williams
Jessica Sutton And Keira HigginsFor a great Module 2 with a lot of positives. Well done!Mr Bansal
Ravinder SangraAchieving the most positive points this module!Mrs Barnes
Aadam NaveedWell done Aadam for getting 6 positives and no negatives this week. Keep it up!Mr Bansal
Emily HughesEmily has had a fantastic week as she has received 8 positives this week! Well done Emily for your fab achievement and effort in all your lessons! Keep it up! :DMiss Soor
Carter DavisFor winning a BOCCIA tournament – very well done!Mr Williams
Rhia VirkA fantastic module report, keep up the fantastic work!Mr Rebecchi
Ria SangheraExcellent progress in Health and Social Care.Mr Sturley
Hollie VanesWell done on a superb performance in the concert. You were great! Miss G Kaur
Annabel Harper Well done for remembrance day parade. Mrs Powell
Haider KhanGood improvement in behaviour. Especially in English. Keep it up!Mr Leach
Nana OforiWell done on receiving the most positives during Module 2!Miss Regan
Navanjot SandhuFor the fanatic effort and work produced in health and social Care well done!Mr R Smith
Travis Walter Smith And Kimi RaiWell done on your excellent effort in your end of topic tests for Maths and Geography. Keep up the hard work.Dr Green
Elliot WilkesWell done to Elliot for receiving the award for R.E. in the year 11 Achievement Evening. Well deserved!Miss Lowe
Levi SimmsAchieving a great score on his mathematics mock test and moving up a set.Mr Masoud
Ryan RajSix positive comments this week. Well done. Miss S Scott
Alexandra LoydonA massive congratulations for your award at Achievement evening and also for your fantastic performances throughout the evening. Well done! Mr Campbell
Maicie GoldingFor a great week in Science where she finished her booklet, worked very well in lessons and did really well revising for her test. Very well done Maicie. Keep working hard!Miss Bulto
Rabnoor KaurFor having a very positive module report. well done! Miss Gabrie
Sophia LangleyWell done for an excellent module report; you have worked very hard this module.Miss Gledhill
Zyrrah SuliteExcellent work this week in English and Maths. Keep it up Zyrrah!Mrs James
Tajinder LalliFor your excellent work in ICT and your work with the younger students in PT. Keep up the good work!Mr Miah
Abigail MillardAbigail has received the most positive house points for the PT since the start of Module 3, this is a great start keep up the good work Abigail!Miss Onions
Isabelle BridgeAn excellent week. Isabelle has received a number of positives in a range of subjects. Well done. Miss Hubble
Cayden Harpreet, Rubecca And SamuelThank you to Cayden, Harpreet, Rubecca and Samuel for returning their Module Reports promptly on Monday. Good organisation skills and shows how conscientious they are. Well Done.Mrs Hood
Nordia BryanWell done for a fantastic turn around and effort in Spanish over the last two weeks! Keep up the focus!Mrs Bailey
Gagandeep GandhamCongratulations on another fantastic module and a really positive Module Report. Very proud of you!Mr Howard
Majinder KaurFor some fantastic work produced in Session 3 Mathematics.Mr Bedford
Thea Clearkin Y 10Excellent work done during her Spanish Lesson.Mrs Talwar
Zakariya HogsadeFor securing an interview at the University of Leicester for medicine. Well done Zak, and good luck!Miss SK Gill
Jahari CartyJahari has received 44 positive comments from his teachers during Module 1 and 2. Well doneMr Ferguson
Simran BhogalAn excellent module report, and gaining 3 positive house points in a week.Well DoneMr Golden
Dominic AndrewsDominic has brought in lots of items for the shoebox appeal. Your gifts will go a long way to helping someone, well done!Miss Lowe
Alyssa DayritAlyssa is star student this week for the fantastic homework she completed on the World Wildlife Fund. She went to a lot of effort to make a superb leaflet and it is an excellent example of good presentation and hard work.Miss Martin