PT Star Student: Week Commencing 10 Jun 2019

Kiara MorrisKiara's made a huge improvement in her attitude in lessons. She also kept trying to work hard on the day she wasn't feeling well. Miss G Kaur
Lara BateLara Bate has had a fantastic module getting loads of positives from different subjects. Well done Lara! Mr Campbell
Sarah FathiFor an excellent module report! Well doneMr Templeman
Thalea Edwards, Emily Cartwright, Eliana AgajWell done all for an amazing week at the Academy. Lots of positives and always demonstrating a fantastic attitude.Mr R Smith
Rhyianna HamiltonGreat work this week across all of her lessons. Keep up the good work!Mr Leach
Jake PearsonBeing whole school Star Student. Well done!Mr Masoud
O'shea MitchellFor producing some fantastic work regarding his Art drawings. He's a very talented artist! Mr Kitchenham
Tanvir SinghTanvir it has been a pleasure having you in our PT. Well done on completing your final exam and best of luck on your new journey at University!Miss Dunningham
All Year 11Well done to Hassan, Jack, Lydia and Aurio for the way they are handling their exams!Miss Lowe
Mekhifer, Jasmeen And KetsiaWell done for having a fantastic start of the new module. Keep it up guys. Well done.Mrs Talwar
Harry Tonks And Rosie MalcolmWell done on your positive work ethic in your GCSE exams.Mr Rayson
Liam WhitehouseLiam has shown how caring and helpful he can be to help out another student. Liam's kindness has been identified my other members of staff this week. well done Liam!Mr Khuttan
Jake MillardA fantastic week, displaying a great attitude to learning, and effort across all subjects. Well Done Jake!!Mr Golden
Gurnoor KaurAn excellent module from Gurnoor, where she has received positives across a range of subject areas. Keep up the hard work Gurnoor!Mr Hughes
Rebekah Poole Rebekah was recommended to be this week's star student because of her excellent efforts in the Spanish 'Barcelona' Session 3 :) Well done Rebekah - keep it up !!Mrs Hamill
Gurkeerat Nijjar For fantastic effort across all subjects this week. Well done on the excellent work. Miss Woodhouse
Joseph LawWell done on your 5 positives this week from various lessons- keep it up!Miss Deakin
Logan CoxFor his brilliant module report, such a great improvement!Miss Spillane
Mckenzie Worley And Naryan Sidhu,McKenzie Worley Mckenzie has achieved over 150 positive house points with no negative house points so far this year. Her positive attitude to learning and her caring characteristics makes. She will always bring a positive atmosphere to the class and always willing to help her peers with classwork. Naryan Sidhu, Has excelled with his Design and Technology work this week producing very detail GCSE level CAD drawings. He is also a really pleasant student who willing helps others. Mr Ullah
Sophie SeeraExcellent effort and dedication towards her Year 11 exams. Mr Follis
Akshay Gaddu Great focus in PE.Miss S Scott
Rajan SidhuFor his hard work towards his A level exams this week. Dr Watkins
Year 11S: Simranjit, Abdi Rhman And EsmeWell done to the Year 11s in our PT for working really hard in this week of exams. You have had lots of core exams and have worked well. Keep going, only one week left!Miss Gledhill
Nisha Dewitt, Alfie Cooper And Jaidip KaurFor maintaining your 100% attendance records. A brilliant achievement - very well done!Mr Williams
Kiranjit, Taran And Jude Well done Kiranjit and Taran for achieving the best positives in the PT- Keep it up! Well done Jude for attending the STEM trip and having the best behaviour and attitude- Kepp it upMiss Soor
Lewis Harris fantastic effort in classwork across many subjects. keep up the good workMrs Izadpanah
Prem MohrWell done for your continuous hard work during the exam period!Miss Regan
Shannon KaurShannon has had an excellent week in the Academy amassing a total of 10 positive comments. Well done, Shannon.Mr Sturley
Lino Da Cruz Sousa Got picked for the football team for England.Miss S Kaur
James GeddesScoring a goal in the semi-final of the Sandwell Cup. Well done. Miss Hubble
LAS PTThe PT has successfully accumulated over 40 positives this week which is fantastic and a new high for us! Well done everyone, keep it up!Miss L Scott
Cieran NixonWell done for passing your Duke of Edinburgh Award with a fantastic Canoe Expedition.... the first of it's type at Sandwell Academy and for demonstrating excellent team work. A credit to the Academy. (LEM/FVM)Miss Millard
Halina AkhtarGaining the most amount of positives in Year 8 for the last half term. Well done Halina - keep up the hard work!Mr W Smith
Charlotte Christy And Maya Bath Charlottle and Maya are star student this week for doing the Barcelona session three, in preparation for the trip in October. Well done!Miss Ludy
Caiden DowsonFor having the most positives in the PT this module! Well done!Miss Ware
Josef CisarAchieving the most positives in the PT this week. Well done Josef!Miss SK Gill
Joshua WortonShowing a positive attitude towards exams and maintaining good attendance. well doneMiss Bhandal
Pavan KaurPavan has been chosen for PT star student this week as she has shown extreme dedication to her revision and work for her GCSE examinations. She always has her books ready to revise from in PT and often asks if can have a quiet space to revise during lunch times. This has been noticed by the other students in the PT who have nominated her this week.Mr Kearns
Kimpreet RehalExcellent participation in this weeks time to shine cricket tournament. Well done for showing great effort and commitment for the team!Miss Parker
Tajinder LalliFor your fantastic effort in IT.Mr Miah
Kavish JayakanthanFor winning the U13 Cricket Sandwell tournament this week. Well done!Mr Bansal
Simran KaurWell done for improving your attendance two modules in a row! Keep it up!Mrs Bailey
Tyra WalkerWorked extremely hard this week, and has only received positive comments Mrs Barnes
Eve Chelsea And Chloe Year 13 Students As your time at the academy is almost complete thank you from our PT for all your positive contribution to our PT sessions over the academic year. Well done.Miss Davies
Hannah NortonHannah, well done this week for your excellent group work in English with writing scripts. Also, very well done in Art and in Geography. Fantastic work, continue working hard. Miss Bulto
Marcus PinnockWell done for your continuous hard work during the exam period!Miss Regan
Alicja MargrafWell done for your continuous hard work during the exam period!Miss Regan
Bradley Oxford-PhilipsBradley has recently been selected for Birmingham Football Club trials. What a super star, well done Brad!Miss Williams
Maciej, Kai, Jensen And MatthewThank you to Maciej, Kai and Jensen for organising and completing the PT quiz this week and congratulations to Matthew who passed his driving test this week.Mrs Hood
Shauna Mandengu Congratulations on some great feedback from the Barcelona Session 3. Great work and we really hope that you enjoy the trip.Mr Howard