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Year 7 Sept 2020 NVR Testing

Year 7 Admissions 2020 – NVR Testing
Saturday 30 November and Sunday 1 December 2019



GCSE Results 2018-19

Weekly Broadcast


Star Student

Jasleen Kaur

PT Star Students

  • Millie Hickman
    By Miss Spillane
    For a brilliant start to the second half term, managing to achieve 8 positives in one week!
  • Shaquan Mittoo
    By Miss Razaq
    Congratulations on successfully participating in this years Bar Mock competition hosted at Birmingham Crown Court. You demonstrated a real flair for public speaking and have shown excellent commitment towards this. Well done!
  • Mohammed Ilyas
    By Mr Wargos
    Sulemaan Ilya for his large positive contribution to our PT’s house points with nearly all of his teachers praise him for his good efforts during the lessons. Great effort Sulemaan!
  • Umeeka Mann
    By Mr Sweet
    For a continued effort and perseverance towards her studies in maths.
  • Jaidyn Kelly-Tait
    By Mr Howard
    Well done for your excellent work in the Bar Mock competition hosted by Young Citizens at Birmingham Crown Court on Saturday.
  • Kavanveer Purewal
    By Miss Woodhouse
    For scoring the most amount of positives this week. Well done, keep up the excellent work.
  • Shannon Kaur
    By Mr Sturley
    Shannon had a great week gaining a large number of positive logs. Great work Shannon, keep it up!
  • Mckenzie-Mae Worley And Naryan Sidhu
    By Mr Ullah
    Both Mckenzie and Naryan are polite and always working really hard in lessons. They are both roles models to their peers. Really well done.
  • Chloe Preece
    By Mr Qudoos
    Excellent effort this week achieving 2 positives in Maths!
  • Kierah Graham-Steed
    By Mr Kearns
    Kierah has done an excellent job over the half term to raise money for Cancer Research UK. She took part in a sponsored mountain climb that raised £650. Well done Kierah!
  • Mersadez Plunkett
    By Mrs Virk
    Mersadez has taken part in a sponsored silence this week to raise money for Acorns Hospice. Well done for her effort!
  • Kysler Pagunsan
    By Mr Hughes
    Kysler has settled into the Academy very well and has been completing work to a high standard across all of his subjects. He has received 10 positives this week for his focus and hard work in lessons! Well done and keep it up.
  • Anna Britton
    By Mrs Barnes
    Excellent test results for Business and Science - well done
  • Pavandeep Dhillon
    By Miss Bhandal
    Pavandeep supported the charity bake to raise money for Acorns. Well done
  • Beau Fuller, Hanaf Syed, Michael Antoni
    By Mrs Talwar
    Well done for grabbing the most positives this week and for the good work you all have shown this week. Keep it up.
  • Grace Foster And Rhianna Johal
    By Mr Byrne
    Well done for your participation in the sponsored silence for charity!
  • Niyah Rodney And Jayden Cannings
    By Mrs Fellows
    For a fantastic first week back after half term. Both boys have received lots of positives this week. Well done!
  • Jasleen Kaur
    By Mrs Hamill
    Jasleen has received some excellent feedback from her Business teachers regarding the high standard of work she has produced. After being recommended for Star Student, this is fully deserved, Well done Jasleen.
  • Nordia Bryan And Callum Thompson-Swann
    By Mrs Bailey
    Thank you for your contribution to Citizenship in PT this week!
  • Eduard-Andrei Bujor
    By Mr Butler
    Positive attitude and enthusiasm
  • Zanayah Wallen
    By Mrs Izadpanah
    for achieving the most number of positives in our PT. keep up the good work.
  • Mia Smart
    By Mrs Akay
    Well done for taking part in this Year's Charity Event!
  • Tyler Bevin
    By Miss Reema
    Always makes a positive contribution in all subjects. Tyler is great asset to the academy, never shy's away from helping others, a perfect example to younger years and gets along with everyone.
  • Sarah Fathi
    By Miss Gabrie
    For always being polite and kind. Keep smiling Sarah!
  • Cameron July-Williams
    By Miss S Kaur
    Gained 4 positives this week. No a single negative!
  • Isabelle Shakespeare
    By Mr Golden
    A fantastic week, demonstrating excellent work ethic and quality across all subjects. Keep up the fantastic work levels.
  • Bryan Grabski And Nicholas Thomas
    By Mrs Zivkovic
    Both have birthdays today! Also Nicholas has volunteered to do sixth form open evening tours and Bryan has a good attitude to the academy.
  • Thalea Edwards, Charlotte Tolley And Khairah Laska
    By Mr R Smith
    Well done all on an amazing week, setting an example to other students in PT and getting lots of positives.
  • Junior Borland
    By Mr Bedford
    For achieving 7 positives this week! Well done.
  • Sophie Seera
    By Mr Follis
    Sophie has been awarded Regis House Captain.
  • Keiana Keenan
    By Miss Millard
    An excellent improvement over the last 3-weeks in lessons, receiving all positive comments especially in Maths, History and Business for excellent classwork and a great effort. Well done, keep up the good work! (LEM/FVM)
  • Vinay Chawla
    By Miss Oakley
    For having the most house points in our PT.
  • Preston Round
    By Miss L Scott
    Preston has had a fantastic week back! He has picked up 7 positives so far and delivered Citizenship on Remembrance Sunday to the PT. Well done Preston!
  • Raees Khan
    By Mr Duffield
    For always turning up to PT on time and helping with PT jobs. Well done Raees.
  • Hammaad Hussein
    By Mr Rayson
    Well done for being helpful within the tutor group for operating the quiz and helping Mr Rayson with announcements and being a great voice.
  • Braydon Jones & Harpreet Sidhu
    By Mr Campbell
    This week, both students achieved a fantastic 8 house points each, 16 house points in total. Well done!
  • Aaliyah Ngondi
    By Mr Ferguson
    Aaliyah has produced work to quality standard in her Business coursework.
  • Dylan Bains
    By Mrs Brooks
    Dylan is a pleasure to have in my PT. He is shy, quiet yet well mannered at all times. He comes alive when it comes to football and we are so proud of him being the star student in sports last week, so would like to award him with PT star student
  • Timothy Cudail
    By Mr Khuttan
    Well done on gaining the most positives this week.
  • Rayhaan Ali And Destiny Harvey
    By Mr Bansal
    Well done to Rayhaan and Destiny for participating in the Sponsored Silence on Thursday and raising a lot of money for the Acorns charity.
  • Daisy-Mae Thorpe
    By Miss Ware
    Most positives in the PT this week with no negatives
  • Evie Stow
    By Miss Brain
    Fantastic attitude to learning and loads of positives for helpful behaviour!
  • Mason Lovatt
    By Mr Oppong-Adu
    Well done for your fantastic effort in all lessons. Keep working hard!
  • Jamie Silvester
    By Miss Parker
    Jamie has shown a massive improvement in recent weeks in his behaviour around the academy and his attitude towards learning. Well done Jamie!
  • Ricky Kumar
    By Mr Emery
    For consistently good effort around the Academy and receiving 5 positive comments on Bromcom last week. Well Done!
  • Alaina Gibbons
    By Miss Round
    For becoming house captain for Astle - We are very proud of you!
  • Sintia Islam
    By Miss SK Gill
    For being elected Head Girl. Well done Sintia!
  • Jaskirit Ubhi
    By Miss Rai
    Well done for continuously working hard and exceeding in all lessons. This has been shown through your module 1 report. Keep it up!
  • Alex Bevan
    By Miss Lalria
    Raffle tickets all sold so quickly - well done!

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