PT Star Student: Week Commencing 29 Apr 2019

Hollie VanesWell done Hollie!! You were fantastic in the Easter Concert.Miss G Kaur
Carter NarewalFor excellent SATs preparation.Mr Templeman
Ajay ThiaraiExcellent work throughout the year and congratulations on making the move to an apprenticeship. All the best of luck for the future!Mr Rebecchi
Charlie O'connorGreat effort and commitment participating in the Easter Performing Arts Concert in the band, playing a total of 4 songs. Well done! (LEM/FVM)Miss Millard
Kieran RichardsKieran played the guitar as part of the school concert this week, well done!!Mr Follis
Jake PearsonExcellent contribution to the Academy in lessons and PT.Miss Douras
Jasmine SidhuWell done on achieved the highest amount of positives this term in the PT group, as well as maintaining 100% attendance this academic year!Mrs Barnes
Denise OwusuExcellent work for the past term. Has become extremely focused and engaged in lessons and a very determined student. Densie is exceptionally bright and gets on well with other members of the PT. Very proud! Miss Reema
Ethan Bains And Michelle PaulFor having an excellent second term at the Academy. Well done both!Mr Williams
Lucy GarrisonFor consistently performing well in all your subjects. Fantastic effort Lucy!Mr Miah
Sam TurnerSam is star student for working extremely hard this term! He is always first to PT and is always a positive influence on others. Well Done!!!Miss Ludy
Leah ThompsonThe new Head Girl - massive congratulations Leah you thoroughly deserve your new role!Miss Davies
Kai TaylorWell done Kai for an excellent Module report and for scoring the highest amount of positives this week. Keep up the brilliant work.Miss Woodhouse
Temitayo FagbamilaTemi has continued to make a positive effort across all subjects and help her peers whenever possible. Well done Temi!Miss Williams
Olivia Griffiths & Shane WillettsThanks for delivering a great citizenship lesson this week!Mr Howard
Whole PTThis weeks star student is the whole PT for their fantastic effort during the module. Well done!Mr Matthews
Yari DhandaFor great revision towards his Science SATs and helping other students in PT.Dr Watkins
Naqueeb MehmoodExcellent effort in English and Mathematics.Miss S Scott
Whole PT, Especially Jaspal, Muskaan And SuccessFor grabbing 48 positives this week. Well done guys. Keep it up.Mrs Talwar
Pardeep TaggarAn excellent week with some positive comments across a variety of subjects. Keep up the good work!Mrs James
Rhys Whitehouse And Teesha ChavdaWell done to Rhys for securing 4 positives this week and no negatives. Well done to Teesha for performing a solo piece in the Easter concert. Keep up the good work!Miss Gledhill
SSG/SXD PTCongratulations to the entire PT this week for returning all their module reports on time! Keep up the hard work for Module 6!Miss Dunningham
Rhea SeehraRhea is a polite and respectful student.She has shown a great work ethic and resilience during the completion of the bronze expedition. Well done and enjoy your Easter break.Mr Ullah
Ishreet Kaur And Kavita RaiWell done Ishreet for helping showcase the Academy on Open Day and Kavita for completing her bronze DoE award!Mr R Smith
Jakub SmolarczykWell done for your fantastic work towards your DofE.Miss Hubble
Harriet Cooper And Jaskiran MattharuWell done Harriet for participating in the SA Netball team!- Well done for being a team player and winning! Well done Jaskiran for presenting the PT Citizenship this week by yourself! Keep it up! :DMiss Soor
Riya, Jessica, Herpreet, Rubecca, Ellie-Mae, MeganWell done to Riya, Jessica and Harpreet for returning their Module Reports promptly. Thank you to Rubecca, Harpreet and Ellie-Mae for delivering Citizenship to the PT and well done to Megan. Maisie and Saboor for completing the RAH PT Challenge. Have a good Easter Holiday everyone.Mrs Hood
Alyan ArshadAlyan has produced work to a high standard in his sports leaders lessons.Mr Ferguson
Jushandeep TiwaniA very good week across a range of subjects demonstrating a fantastic attitude to learning. Keep up the good work Jushandeep!Mr Golden
Mya Westley - BairstowMya recently won the 200m and the relay competitions at the Cadets Athletics Competition last weekend. This was a tremendous achievement for Mya and very well deserved as their were 200 participants in the competition! Good luck in the regional competition in May! Happy Easter to all my PT!Miss L Scott
Ryan CoxWell done for your fantastic effort in all lessons. Keep working hard!Mr Oppong-Adu
Maria KhabirMaria deserves this weeks Star Student because of the number of positive she has earnt Walter's this term! She is a kind and friendly member of our PT.Miss Onions
Sanju Thomas Sanju Thomas is PT star student this week for her great effort in Mathematics - Well Done!Miss Butigan
Nicole MaworoIt has been highlighted by Mrs Virk about Nicole's fantastic RE effort this term. Well done Nicole!Mr Kitchenham
Maximillian BodleyFor showing an excellent attitude towards revision during the Boreatton Park weekend!Miss Round
Sanju ThomasGreat effort in Mathematics. Keep it up!Mrs Dhiman
Grace MercerExcellent effort in Duke of Edinburgh superb determination well done.Mr Rayson
Timothy CudailTimothy worked extremely hard during this term. Well done, keep up the good work.Mrs Ballinger
Hannah RileyWell done Hannah on completing the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze expedition. This is an amazing achievement. Keep up the hard work!Mr Bansal
Charley BrookesCharley has had a fantastic half term, receiving a huge amount of positives and no negatives at all! She is working extremely hard in lessons and this deserves to be noticed, as her attitude and work ethic is exemplary. Well done Charley, keep it up!Mr Hughes
Amelia BodleyThis week, Amelia represented the Academy with the Midlands Ballet troop. Well done!Mrs Virk
Mohammed ZainWell done for a brilliant module again. You are a brilliant student and a great PT member!Mrs Bailey
Braydon Jones & Tanisha LochabWell done for being the top performing students in the PT this week, getting loads of positive comments from your teachers. Excellent work!Mr Campbell
Holly DanielsA massive congratulations for completing your Bronze expedition for the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Your effort has paid off and your Duke of Edinburgh cohort have been praised for a fantastic work ethic that has shown immense progress from your practice to final expedition. Well done Holly!Mr Kearns
Adriel WalkerFour achieving numerous positives in a range of subjects, well done!Miss Spillane
Malakai Johnson-WilliamsFor achieving the most positives in the PT this week. Well done Malakai!Miss SK Gill
Paige SmartPaige has received 4 positives this week for her excellent efforts in lessons. Well done Paige, keep up the fab work :)Mrs Hamill
Steven StokesFor a fantastic improvement in lessons. Steven has had a really good week in Science, in Maths with very good work in circles and in Music, where he showed great interest and good effort when learning about Film music and leitmotifs. Very well done Steven. Please keep up the hard work.Miss Bulto