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Sandwell Academy win National Final
Mon, 21 May 2018
On Thursday 10 May the U16 Sandwell Academy football team made history at the Bet 365 Stadium, home of Stoke City FC, by becoming the first team from Sandwell Academy to retain the National Schools Cup beating Ravenswood School from Kent 3 – 0.
Academy Teacher Completes London Marathon
Fri, 18 May 2018
On 22 of April Mr Taaffe took part in the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon. Mr Taaffe was running for the Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT), a charity that provides support to young people with cancer.

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  • Hannah Riley

    “Excellent work in Performing Arts, with fantastic feedback from both teachers. Well done.”

    - Mr Rasool

  • Mohammed Bilal

    “Mohammed has worked exceptionally well in ICT this week. Mohammed has spent extra time ensuring his work is up to the highest standard. It is pleasing to see how much effort Mohammed is putting into his work. Well done :) ”

    - Miss Walsh

  • Anudeep Randhawa

    “Congratulations on a great improvement overall. Well done!”

    - Mr Miah

  • Bethan Cutting

    “Congratulations for a fantastic week at the Academy. Well done! ”

    - Mr Campbell

  • Muhammad Asif

    “Continually working hard in all your subjects - Keep up the good work!! ”

    - Mrs Barnes

  • Samantha Hussey

    “An excellent start to her GCSE exams. Well done on doing so much revision, keep up the hard work!”

    - Mr Rebecchi

  • Elliana, Lewis, Tariro And Ehsan

    “Well done for having a positive start to exams. Hopefully your hard work will all pay off! Good luck from all the PT group.”

    - Miss Gabrie

  • Brad, Karina, Jude, Prabjit And Deonte

    “Well done to our Year 11s, Year 12s and Year 13s for managing a stressful time of year with so much dignity and positivity. ”

    - Miss Hillier

  • Rubecca Sarfaraz; Kai Bevin

    “Well done to Kai for returning his module report promptly and to Rubecca for delivering Citizenship this week!”

    - Miss Dunningham

  • Sintia Islam

    “Excellent effort in English. Well done Sintia!”

    - Miss SK Gill

  • Miriana Zeirhun

    “For a fantastic week in all lessons- well done :). ”

    - Mrs Fellows

  • Mercy Feriancova

    “Mercy has had a positive week and worked really hard in the ICT CiDA exam”

    - Miss Williams

  • Mackenzie Myatt

    “Well done on all the hard work you have been putting into revision for the upcoming exams. ”

    - Dr Green

  • Adeebah Raheem

    “Working really hard in lesson and revising hard for her exams. Good comments from teachers. ”

    - Mr Kitchenham

  • Oliwia Rostankowska

    “Excellent member of the PT group. ”

    - Mr Follis

  • Haleema Nasir & Darlington Ehigiade

    “A great start to your GCSEs. Stay focussed, do well!”

    - Mr Howard

  • Navanjot Sandhu

    “For a fantastic week at the Academy and always showing a great attitude towards learning. Well done!”

    - Mr Smith

  • Mia Whitehouse

    “For becoming more confident in Mathematics and contributing to class discussions. Well done!”

    - Mr Williams

  • Umma Habibah

    “Continually working hard in all her subjects - Keep up the good work!! ”

    - Mrs Sharif

  • Oliver Denton

    “Thank you for helping Ms Dutfield in science this week with Year 7.”

    - Miss Dickenson

  • Ria Behl

    “Ria achieved 20/20 on her Shakespeare mock and 22/24 on her Language mock.She also finished her 1000 word biography before anyone else and then researched a lesson topic for her teacher before writing exam questions for the rest of the class. Fantastic work and contribution to the class - Well done Ria!”

    - Miss Oakley

  • Majid Rahman

    “You have had an excellent week including a positive for good classwork. Well done!”

    - Mr Taaffe

  • Usman Anzal

    “Good improvement from Usman this week across all lessons”

    - Mr Bowen

  • Maicie Golding

    “For a fantastic week in Maths. Fantastic work solving average problems and great work on tackling questions for grades 6/7. Well done Maicie, keep up the hard work!”

    - Miss Bulto

  • Finley Sloan

    “Finley must be praised for producing work to a high standard in all subjects during Module 5.”

    - Mr Ferguson

  • Rohan Uppal

    “This weeks star student is Rohan Uppal for a positive week in lessons. Well done!”

    - Mr Matthews

  • Camron Dhaliwal

    “Consistently positive behaviour around the Academy and in lessons; well done! ”

    - Ms Walsh

  • Maddison Martin-Jones

    “Well done Maddison for another fantastic week and achieving 5 positives in Art, Performing Arts and Maths. Keep it up Maddison! :D ”

    - Miss Soor

  • Shana Powell

    “Well done on having the most positives! ”

    - Miss Kaur

  • Abigail Arblaster

    “Abigail achieved a PT high of 4 positives this week, showing her continued commitment to her learning. Well done”

    - Mr Paul

  • Bailey Pearson

    “Great work in History recently! Miss Virk is very proud! Well done Bailey!”

    - Miss A Ravenscroft

  • Callum Brownhill, Priya Kailey & Francesca Hall

    “Year 11 have had a very positive and conscientious start to their exams. Well done and keep up the hard work.”

    - Mrs Virk

  • Chloe Smith

    “A superb week in lessons for Chloe who has achieved an outstanding 7 positive comments!”

    - Mr Sturley

  • Sanchit, Jessica, Mohammed, Stephanie And Chloe

    “Well done on making an excellent start to your exams. Great commitment and dedication in preparation for some excellent results. Keep up the hard work.”

    - Mr Rayson

  • Simrat Ajula

    “Excellent effort across all subjects, focused and revising!”

    - Miss Regan

  • Esme Talbot-Humphries

    “Well done to Esme for securing the most positives in PT this week within a range of subjects. Keep it up!”

    - Miss Gledhill

  • Emily Houlston

    “For a fantastic effort in lesson achieving four positive eportals”

    - Mrs Chapman

  • Jake Richards And Jarvis Cleal

    “For helping Sandwell Academy win in the National Schools Cup final. Well Done!.”

    - Mr Badhan

  • Tanisha Johal

    “Excellent behaviour and conduct in the academy. ”

    - Mrs Mann

  • Nader Yafai

    “Nader has been working extremely hard in lessons this year and has improved dramatically across the board. He has matured a significant amount and is now a positive role model for younger students in the PT group. Keep up the hard work Nader!”

    - Mr Hughes

  • Monisha Aerry

    “For completing all extra work set in preparation for her EOY exams. ”

    - Mr Bedford

  • Mohammed Hussain

    “Good Progress in most of your subjects. Keep working hard.”

    - Mr Oppong-Adu

  • Mohammed Rahman

    “Well done for your continued hard work in Geography”

    - Miss E Dutfield

  • Ethan Bishop

    “Achieving a grade 9 in his year 9 Geography mock. Well done. ”

    - Miss Scott

  • Joshua Baker

    “Well done for consistently getting the most positives in the PT! Keep up your excellent effort and work ethic. ”

    - Miss Meadows

  • Elissa Kainth

    “Well Done for continually putting in good effort with your studies & being a kind member of our PT. This does not go in-noticed- Keep up the hard work Elissa!”

    - Miss Butigan

  • Jaskiran Kaur

    “For her hard work in Science. ”

    - Miss Abrams

  • Priya Gaddu

    “Priya has been working hard on her performances outside of school which she put on last week. Well done on all your hard work Priya!”

    - Miss Davies

  • Taran Dhaliwal

    “Great improvements in Spanish. ”

    - Miss Hyde

  • Isobel Green

    “For a fantastic week of positives in a range of subjects. Well Done. ”

    - Miss Woodhouse