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PT Star Students

  • Jack Bignell
    By Miss Onions
    For gaining 6 positives. This has been a really good week for Jack, I have received a positive email about his effort and attitude in Art also.
  • Maximilian Bodley
    By Mr Sturley
    Max has shown a real dedication to his GCSE revision and is determined to succeed in the summer. Good Luck, Max.
  • Parampreet Kaur
    By Mr Bedford
    For achieving a Distinction in her BTEC Sports Exam!!
  • Katie Bevan And Naryan Sidhu
    By Mr Ullah
    Both learners have shown excellent progress in their mathematics lessons. Naryan achieved the highest result in his recent mock exam and Katie is producing high-level outcomes in her science lessons. Keep up the hard work.
  • Simran Sidhu
    By Mrs Colley
    Simran gave an excellent performance in Beauty and the Beast. Well done, Simran, you are an incredibly talented young lady.
  • Ethan Mundon
    By Miss Butigan
    Well Done Ethan on a MASSIVE improvement in Geography. We are very impressed with how he is working and his revision efforts!
  • Mohammed Zain
    By Mrs Bailey
    For being such a great role model in our PT. Well done for getting special recognition for being in the top 5 in Year 7 for positive behaviour!
  • Halina Akhtar
    By Mr W Smith
    Fantastic effort again in the last couple of weeks. Very helpful in form and picked up a lot of positives from her lessons this week. Big improvement again - very impressed, keep it up!
  • Jaedon Griffiths
    By Mr Follis
    Jaedon has shown a great improvement across the school in the last couple of weeks. Keep up the great work, well done.
  • Kai Rutty
    By Miss Onions
    Kai has been very kind and generous this week, he baked an incredible selection of cakes to be sold for the Brain Tumour Charity.
  • Nisha Dewitt, Alfie Cooper, Ethan Hackwood
    By Mr Williams
    For doing so well in your ICT examinations. Great work!
  • Simran Kaur
    By Miss Dunningham
    For achieving a Distinction in her BTEC PE coursework. This is a fantastic achievement, well done!
  • Aaronveer Singh
    By Miss Millard
    An exceptionally positive BromCom log over the last 2-weeks, displaying excellent effort levels, good classwork and a positive attitude around the Academy and towards work in a variety of subjects particularly Maths, History and Performing Arts. Well done! (LEM)
  • Abigail Shipley
    By Mrs James
    Excellent effort throughout this week. 6 Positive Bromcom comments! Well Done
  • Elle Faulkner
    By Miss S Kaur
    She is helping out with a Charity and supporting them. Very nice extracurricular activity.
  • Cayden, Riya And Jensen
    By Mrs Hood
    Well done to Cayden, Riya and Jensen for achieving Positives throughout the week. Keep up the good work
  • Joshua Herbert
    By Mrs Virk
    Joshua has displayed a caring and helpful attitude this week. Well done!
  • Kelly-Ann Bridge
    By Miss Taylor
    Well done for getting over 100 positive house points!
  • David Boi
    By Mr Rayson
    Well done for achieving a Distinction in Performing Arts above target grade. Well done an excellent effort.
  • Stephanie Owusu
    By Mr Hughes
    Stephanie has worked extremely hard this week, receiving many positives across a range of subjects. Well done Stephanie and keep up the hard work!
  • Rico Richards
    By Miss Regan
    Excellent work in Spanish!
  • Sayeeda Hussain
    By Miss Khan
    Sayeeda is PT star student this week for always offering to help with PT duties, being a positive role model to the younger members in PT and working hard for her exams in May. Well done! :)
  • Paramvir Singh
    By Miss L Scott
    Paramvir has had a good week being consistently focused and on task in his lessons and around the academy. Well done Paramvir, keep it up!
  • Harneet Purewal
    By Mr Khuttan
    Always being helpful in PT time making thing easier to organise. Thank you!!
  • Alisha Akhtar, Danny Peters & Chloe Bates
    By Miss Williams
    Thank you for baking cakes for our house charity! You are all amazing!
  • Ethan Bishop
    By Mr Hearn
    Ethan has had an excellent term so far, amassing the most number of positives with no negatives. He is always helpful in PT and a role model for others in the group. Keep up the good work Ethan!
  • Keelan Moore
    By Mr Golden
    Keelan is focussed and working well towards his exams, using effective revision strategies. This is reflective in the number of positives he has achieved in all lessons.
  • Courtney Beards
    By Mr Kitchenham
    For receiving two offers to Colleges to study BTEC Health & Social Care next year!
  • Chloe Harper
    By Mr Rebecchi
    Fantastic work in Maths and English and being a conscientious and thoughtful student. Keep it up!
  • Brianna Douglas
    By Dr Green
    Well done on the effort and commitment you have shown when performing in the School production. Well done.
  • Rajvir Singh
    By Miss Bulto
    For an excellent week in Maths where he completed all the work and the extension sheets to a very good standard. Very well done Rajvir. Keep up the good work!
  • Leoney Smith
    By Mrs Barnes
    Well done on achieving a Merit grade in your Database exam
  • Anakh Dhanda
    By Mr Bansal
    Well done on getting a prize for most positives last Module for Archer. Keep it up!
  • Holly Summers
    By Dr Watkins
    For her excellent performance in Beauty and the Beast production. Well done on your hard work.
  • Steven Hackett
    By Mr Howard
    Your spontaneous and unrequested help for a teacher is a credit to you as a fine young man.
  • Husnain Zaman
    By Miss Spillane
    For getting one positive every day this week, great achievement!
  • Louis Ruston
    By Mr R Smith
    Well done for receiving a fantastic set of BTEC Sport results!!
  • Tarina Dhaliwal
    By Miss Woodhouse
    For excellent week across all subjects. Well Done Tarina keep up the brilliant work.
  • Lara Bate
    By Mr Campbell
    Well done for another fantastic week at the Academy. We are all very proud of your outstanding effort in lessons.
  • Muskaan Chowdhary
    By Mrs Talwar
    Being nice to peers in PT and helping them. Well done Muskaan.
  • Lucy Garrison
    By Mr Miah
    Fantastic achievement during module 4. Keep up the good work!
  • Joel Gangaidzo
    By Mr Byrne
    Great improvement this week, earning 6 positives - well done!
  • Esme T, Aram Ali And Simranjit K
    By Miss Gledhill
    Well done to Esme for her continued effort to raise money for the Brain Tumour Charity this week by baking and directing the bake sale. Well done to Aram for passing his BTEC ICT and Business Studies exam. Well done to Simranjit for passing her BTEC Sport exam. Excellent work!
  • Harriet Cooper
    By Miss Soor
    Well done Harriet for your fantastic effort in the Year 7 Netball team and being the best team player throughout the whole game! Well done and fantastic effort! :D
  • Rianna Thoms And Tyrese Rutherford
    By Miss Davies
    Massive congratulations on the Sandwell Run; Rianna the winner of the Year 7 Girls and Tyrese finishing 3rd place for Year 10 Boys-Excellent effort!
  • Hollie Vanes And Chloe Preece
    By Miss G Kaur
    Well done on getting chosen to attend the Science trip!
  • Jake Pearson
    By Miss Douras
    Excellent work and progress in Mathematics. Keep it up!
  • Corran Bowen
    By Mr Ferguson
    Maintained a good attendance record to PT session.
  • Xander Marriot
    By Mrs Hamill
    Xander works extremely hard and he is a credit to the PT group. Xander also remains in the top 5 students, in Walters House and will receive his 4th Award this week, for receiving 27 house points this module. Well done Xander !! :)

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