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Nuffield Research Placements
Mon, 13 Nov 2017
During the summer holiday, two current Year 13 students, Paris Curling and Jasreet Kaur completed an extended work experience placement through the Nuffield Foundation.
Medical Mavericks Visit SA!
Wed, 04 Oct 2017
On Thursday 14th September a group of students from Years 9 & 10 were lucky enough to take part in a Health Careers workshop ran by Medical Mavericks as part of their session 3 Medical Careers.
WBA Players Visit Year 8 Students
Mon, 25 Sep 2017
Sandwell Academy were visited by two WBA football players Hal Robson Kanu and Keiron Gibbs.
Year 12 Work Experience
Thu, 07 Sep 2017
Sandwell Academy Year 12 students recently took part in a week of Work Experience placements. The placements took place at a wide variety of organisations covering a range of different sectors, including teaching, IT, manufacturing, engineering and leisure centres and many more.

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  • Billie Jo Reynolds

    “Great work achieving the highest score in her latest English exam. ”

    - Miss Hyde

  • Olivia Phillips

    “For an excellent week across all subjects. Well done Olivia.”

    - Miss Woodhouse

  • Filimon Asfha

    “For creating a PowerPoint presentation for citizenship and delivering it. Well done Filimon!”

    - Miss SK Gill

  • Davina Cheema

    “Excellent effort in English, Well Done!”

    - Miss Regan

  • Rebekah Poole

    “For her excellent efforts in Maths and Spanish this week. Well done Rebekah!!!”

    - Miss Walsh

  • Olivia Newell

    “Olivia along with another 2 students took part in "I am Creative" project, which required them to present an idea for advertising campaign for Lloyds TSB in London. Well done on being the runner ups! Very proud of your performance! ”

    - Miss Kaur

  • Ethan Bishop

    “Ethan was nominated for his excellent GCSE poetry question. Well done. ”

    - Miss Scott

  • Lawson Wheeler

    “Lawson has achieved a level 7 on his Geography assessment this week, highlighting his hard work and focus in lessons. Keep this up Lawson and well done!!”

    - Mr Hughes

  • Lily-Mae Turner

    “Well done Lily-Mae - you have really impressed me with your effort in History and your very polite nature. Well done! ”

    - Mr Campbell

  • Thea Clearkin

    “Well done for being called up for football trials with West Midlands county. Not only that, but Thea achieved a level 5 on her first ever GCSE poetry question - both fantastic achievements academically and personally. ”

    - Miss Davies

  • Alisha Akhtar

    “Alisha is above her reading target having scored 90% accuracy ahead of the Term 1 deadline. WELL DONE ALISHA!”

    - Miss Williams

  • Fraser Bishop

    “Fantastic effort in Maths and Science and a consistent work ethic throughout the start of the year.”

    - Mr Rebecchi

  • Cherell Hussey

    “Fantastic week of lessons, well done.”

    - Mrs Chapman

  • Brooke Owen

    “Doing really well in lessons and no negatives.”

    - Miss Varccianna

  • Chloe Harper Nerea Gardia Kyra Burton Rhia Virk

    “For an excellent presentation on the importance of the poppy. Well done for your contribution in PT.”

    - Mrs Kauser

  • Gaganjit Lochab

    “Completing excellent ICT work.”

    - Mrs Barnes

  • Alana Lowe

    “Excellent work this week in Art and Maths. Well done and keep up the good work”

    - Mrs James

  • Aman Yasir

    “A positive week! Keep up the good work!”

    - Miss Butigan

  • Daniel Cooper

    “Well done for your excellent work in History!”

    - Miss E Dutfield

  • Harvey Blake-Jones

    “Harvey helped out in the community this week assisting an elderly lady put her bins out. Well done for being so kind and conscientious. ”

    - Miss Oakley

  • Dylan Clarke

    “For achieving full marks on a Spanish test and receiving 2 more positives this week!”

    - Mr Bedford

  • Kyan Wright

    “Kyan achieved Star Student in English, his literacy has been improving. In his history lessons he has been focused, engaged and continually improving in his work. Well done. ”

    - Mr Howard

  • Louisa Cross-Warren

    “For making a positive start to Year 8 and being a mature and responsible member of the PT. ”

    - Mrs Fellows

  • Charlotte Crisp

    “For consistently achieving great feedback on her Health and Social Care coursework.”

    - Mr Smith

  • Ben Bissell

    “A hard working young man. Keep up the good work, Ben.”

    - Mrs Colley

  • Tanisha Johal

    “Excellent behaviour and attitude towards her studies. ”

    - Mrs Mann

  • Tanya Ahmed

    “Well done Tanya for maintaining 100% attendance record to school.”

    - Mr Ferguson

  • Kareena Bagharian

    “For a really good week in most subjects and for receiving consistent praise and positive comments from your teachers. Well done and keep up the hard work. ”

    - Miss Bulto

  • Charlie O'connor

    “Excellent assessment results in Science; well done! ”

    - Ms Walsh

  • Roxanne Dunn

    “Lots of really positive comments from Roxanne's teachers this week. Well done!!”

    - Mr Bowen

  • Kieran Hill

    “Thank you for your help with Citizenship for Remembrance Day!”

    - Miss Lowe

  • Kai Marriott-Shaw

    “For doing a fantastic job of leading the Citizenship session in PT this week. Well done! ”

    - Mr Williams

  • Simrit Bains

    “Absolutely fantastic behaviour and attitude to learning that is consistent always! ”

    - Miss Oldnall

  • Bailey Pearson

    “Well done for performing an excellent rap in History on the Romans! Well done Bailey!”

    - Miss A Ravenscroft

  • Amrik Uppal

    “Amrik has had several positive comments from staff this week. Well done and keep it up!”

    - Mrs Virk

  • Megan Madeley

    “Presented Citizenship to the PT this week. ”

    - Mrs Hood

  • Rajanvir Singh

    “Rajanvir has acted in a thoughtful way outside of school in the wider community, helping an individual board a train when they needed some extra assistance.”

    - Mr Richards

  • Tristan Bennett

    “Well done Tristan on all your extra work for the 'Man United Prep match'. You have been working hard to provide feedback on other members in your team as part of your contract with West Brom. Keep up the hard work! ”

    - Mrs Guest

  • Hardeep Johal

    “For progressing towards being able to fly planes.”

    - Mr Templeman

  • Maddison Martin-Jones

    “Well done Maddison for achieving 4 positives this week! Excellent classwork and effort! Fab work - keep it up! :D ”

    - Miss Soor

  • Hakar Abdulwohed

    “A great week for Hakar, he achieved a number of positive eportals, demonstrating his excellent commitment to work.”

    - Mr Paul

  • Tobey Stead

    “For a fantastic result in Science - in the top five of the class!”

    - Dr Williams

  • Tiara Fennell

    “Well done Tiara for being awarded the most positives this week - keep it up!”

    - Mr Byrne

  • Rajdeep Thandi And Enayah Ahmed

    “Rajdeep was highly commended by staff for his R.E. conference. Enayah has earned a postcard home from English.”

    - Mr Sturley

  • Racheal Adewale

    “For achieving the highest score in the Year 8 Spanish assessment!”

    - Mr Badhan

  • Shivani Paul

    “For representing Regis house as house captain. Well done Shivani, I know you will do a fantastic job. ”

    - Miss Gabrie

  • Joshua Harper

    “For a continued positive work ethic and professional attitude in Year 11.”

    - Mr Price

  • Corin Clark

    “Well done on achieving a grade A in your Biology mock exam.”

    - Mr Rasool

  • Anastazja Partyka

    “Consistently excellent feedback from all teachers.”

    - Miss Dickenson

  • Jeevan Aujla

    “For his man of the match performance against Tamworth.”

    - Dr Green

  • Jordan Barlow

    “punctuality and attendance is always outstanding!”

    - Mrs G James

  • Liam Whitehouse

    “Thanks for helping out with citizenship this week. A great presentation!”

    - Mr Taaffe

  • Jake Millard

    “Excellent week, gaining a number of positives and performing well for the year 7 football team”

    - Mr Golden

  • Angela Malhi

    “For an excellent week across all subjects, with lots of positive comment from subject teachers.”

    - Mr Oppong-Adu

  • Jake Gamble

    “This week's star student is Jake Gamble for his fantastic interview performance at Dudley College. Well done!”

    - Mr Matthews

  • Erin Shellis

    “Well done for being a constant, positive role model in the tutor group, it is appreciated. ”

    - Mr Rayson

  • Manjeev Takhar

    “For being consistently outstanding! Keep up the positive attitude and excellent behaviour around the Academy.”

    - Ms Watson

  • Samera Khan

    “Very helpful during the PT session. Well done and keep it up please.”

    - Mrs Ballinger