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Star Student

Myles Minto-Samuels & Charlie Jew

PT Star Students

  • Nordia Bryan
    By Mrs Bailey
    Well done for this week achieving the most positives in our PT :) Keep up the good classwork and focus in lessons!
  • Adriel Walker
    By Miss Spillane
    For achieving six positives this week, well done!
  • Ramandeep Johal
    By Miss Tulloch
    Well done Ramandeep for your excellent effort and dedication to your studies. You are beginning to see the rewards. Keep up the good work.
  • Mya Holmes
    By Miss S Scott
    Excellent week achieving 4 positives. Well done.
  • Lydia Rodgers & Damian Nyatanga
    By Mr Masoud
    Great start to the school!
  • Elise Smith
    By Mr Rebecchi
    Working hard in her ICT coursework. Keep up the excellent effort!!!
  • Abigail Shipley
    By Mrs James
    Abigail did some outstanding work in Geography showing excellent skill and commitment. Well done Abigail
  • Even Anderson
    By Miss Dickenson
    Excellent start to mentoring Year 7 Students.
  • Taysian Douglas-Lewis
    By Mr Kitchenham
    For bringing in a fantastic contribution towards the Shoe Box charity.
  • Abdur Rhaman
    By Miss Bulto
    For his excellent and consistent hard work in Maths and Business. Excellent progress. keep up the hard work!
  • Shane Willets, Olivia Griffiths. Stephen Inett
    By Mr Howard
    Thanks for helping to deliver an excellent citizenship lesson this week.
  • Rhyianna Hamilton
    By Mr Leach
    Brilliant approach to Science this week.
  • Alana Lowe - Jaspriya Mann - Josh Lal
    By Miss Butigan
    Alana Lowe achieved 7 positives this week - well done! Jaspriya Mann came a close second and Josh Lal also had much improved week. Well Done All !
  • Suraj Bangar
    By Mr Khuttan
    Excellent start to Session 3 boxing. Very Impressive. Keep this going Suraj!!
  • Megan-Louise Percival-Montroy
    By Mr Campbell
    Well done for a fantastic week at the Academy. Working hard in your classes and being a positive role model for the other students in PT.
  • Riya Jagpal
    By Mrs Hood
    Excellent week of Positives. Well Done - Keep it going Riya
  • Olvia Nightingale
    By Miss G Kaur
    Well done for receiving the most Improved Award in Cadbury. It was well deserved. Make sure you keep demonstrating this positive attitude.
  • Rosie Malcolm
    By Mr Rayson
    Well done on some truly exceptional clay work for your final Art project. It demonstrates a good work ethic, dedication and determination. Keep it up!
  • Tahmida Begum And Charlotte Christy
    By Miss Ludy
    Star student this week is Charlotte for making an amazing forces model for Science and Tahmida for always being a lovely and kind member of the PT. Well done!!
  • Mya Bridgewater
    By Mrs Barnes
    For being helpful and caring towards her peers
  • Sophie Seera
    By Mr Follis
    Sophie has been really focused and worked extremely hard on revision for her Mock Exams.
  • Eboni Brown
    By Miss Dunningham
    Eboni has had an excellent week achieved 4 positives. Well done especially for her contribution to class discussions and her classwork. Fantastic, keep it up!
  • Tanaya Gill
    By Miss Hubble
    For continuing to be wonderful in all lessons. Well done.
  • Adam Naim
    By Mrs Hamill
    Last week Adam delivered the Sixth Form Assembly with two of his peers. Adam planned and prepared a power point about Prostate Cancer. He did a fantastic job - what an excellent achievement. Well done Adam.
  • Elicia Hann
    By Mr Miah
    For an excellent achievement in your recent science exam.
  • Mohammed Islam
    By Miss Williams
    Mohammed continues to show a fantastic positive attitude around the academy and has demonstrated fantastic reading skills in his English lessons. Well done!
  • Rennelle Davis-Lawrence
    By Mr W Smith
    Fantastic effort shown in English across all teachers. Well done mate - keep it up!
  • Malakai Johnson-Williams
    By Miss SK Gill
    Achieving the most positives in the PT group this week. Well done Malakai!
  • Harry Meredith
    By Mr Matthews
    This weeks star student is Harry Meredith for achieving the most positives (53) in Cadbury. Well done!
  • Govinder Bhandal
    By Mr Ullah
    Govinder has been a role model student, mentoring a few Y7 students in his PT and managing to excel during PT quiz. He has shown a great work ethic in his ICT lessons. Well done, keep up the good work.
  • Joseph Wright And Lucy Garrison
    By Mr Miah
    For an excellent week picking up several positives and no negatives.
  • Owen Woolley
    By Mr Bansal
    For keeping another clean sheet for the Year 7 school football team. Well done Owen!
  • Ilisha Iqbal
    By Mr Sturley
    Ilisha performed exceptionally well on Bar Mock - presenting mock cases at Birmingham Law Court. Well Done, Ilisha.
  • Lyon Wood And Denao Graham
    By Miss Gabrie
    For representing the school at West Brom SEN football tournament. Well done boys!
  • Gurneet Samra
    By Mr R Smith
    Fantastic effort this week, lots of positives and setting a great example.
  • Eve Cowles
    By Mr Ferguson
    Eve has produced some good work in Maths during 'Module 2' report.
  • Alfie Cooper
    By Mr Williams
    For doing so well with the challenging topic of databases in ICT. Very well done!
  • Nader Yafai
    By Mr Hughes
    Nader achieved 82/100 in a recent Mathematics assessment. This is a level 8 which is a fantastic result and reflects his hard work and focus in Maths lessons of late. Well done Nader and keep up the hard work!
  • Suleman Siddique
    By Miss Woodhouse
    For an excellent week achieving 7 positives. Well Done Suleman, this is a brilliant achievement. Keep up the great work.
  • Darcie Lewis
    By Mr Golden
    A number of positives earned in a range of subjects this week. Well Done Darcie
  • Harley Rakshie And Jamaal Watson
    By Miss Soor
    Well done Harley for achieving 4 positives this week! Well done Jamaal for achieving no negatives for this whole week and working hard to gain some positives! Well done and keep it up! :D

Session 3


Accelerated Reader
Year: 7/8/9
Staff: FVM
Year: 7/8/9
Staff: TAD
Trampolining (invite only)
Year: 7/8/9/10/11
Staff: LAW/SMG
Year: 8/9/10/11/12/13
Staff: GGK
Science Intervention
Year: 8
Staff: SSI/SSK
Year: 9/10/11/12/13
Staff: SH
Year 9 Football
Year: 9
Staff: RMD
Bronze Duke of Edinburgh
Year: 10
Staff: SJR
English Language
Year: 10
Staff: MTS
Year 10 A&B Football
Year: 10
Staff: CLF/EH
BTEC Sport Intervention
Year: 10/11
Staff: KAO/ABK
Year: 9/10
Staff: LKT
Year: 11
Staff: CMA
English Language Writing
Year: 11
Staff: JLG/FBR
English Literature
Year: 11
Staff: SUG
English Language
Year: 11
Staff: LLR
Year: 12/13
Staff: FVM
BTEC Business
Year: 12/13
Staff: LHH
AGCE Business/Economics
Year: 12/13
Staff: DRM/SJR
Year: 12/13
Staff: COA/BRF
KS5 Biology
Year: 12/13
Staff: Biology Staff
BTEC Sport Intervention
Year: 12/13
Staff: RMS
Year: 12/13
Staff: TPB/ELH


Maths Numeracy Catch-Up
Year: 7
Staff: GGK
Homework Club
Year: 7/8
Staff: VB/SF
Year: 7/8/9
Staff: SH
Year: 7/8
Staff: LAW/SW
Year: 7/8/9
Staff: AGB
Table Tennis
Year: 7/8/9/10/11
Staff: TAD
Boys Basketball
Year: 7/8/9/10/11
Staff: CLF/ABK
Year: 9/10/11
Staff: KAO
GCSE Business
Year: 10/11
Staff: SJR
Computer Science
Year: 11
Staff: BJR
Mathematics Higher
Year: 11
Staff: JJH
Science Booster
Year: 11
Staff: FKW
BTEC Science
Year: 11
Staff: JCG
Health and Social Care
Year: 11
Staff: NLL/FKW
Computer Science
Year: 12/13
Staff: BJR
Year: 12/13
Staff: DDC
KS5 Chemistry
Year: 12/13
Staff: Chemistry Staff
AGCE Business/Economics
Year: 12/13
Staff: DRM
Religious Studies
Year: 12/13
Staff: TKV/SSG
BTEC Business [Invite Only]
Year: 12/13
Staff: KNB
6.2 BTEC Science
Year: 13
Staff: JCG
Year: 12/13
Staff: HMS/NJB
Year: 12/13
Staff: SH
WBA Catch-Up
Year: 12/13
Staff: SMF/ABK
Health & Social Care
Year: 12/13
Staff: NLL/FKW

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ESFA Year 7 v Woodfield Middle School
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Year: 7
U14 & U16 Netball

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