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Year 10 students visit DURA Automotive Systems.
Fri, 07 Apr 2017
A group of Year 10 students currently studying Design and Technology visited DURA Automotive Systems to see how their business works and what they produce.
Emily Johnson’s PruGoal
Mon, 03 Apr 2017
Emily Johnson prepares to cycle the Surrey 46: riding 46 miles in the world’s biggest cycling festival.

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Sports Fixtures


Year 7/8 Volleyball @ St Francis of Assisi Catholic Technology College
1:00pm to 5:30pm
Year: 7/8
Staff: AER
Year 7/8 Volleyball v St Francis of Assisi Catholic Technology College
1:00pm to 5:00pm
Year: 7/8
Staff: AER


Year 8 Boys Football v Wood Green, West Midlands ESFA Area U13 Cup
Year: 8
Staff: CLF
  • Harry Richardson

    “Harry works exceptionally hard and is a very mature member of the PT group. He is progressing well in his classes and improving across all subjects. Well done!”

    - Miss Insley

  • Amira And Chloe

    “Well done to Amira for a superb performance in her Drama exam. Well done Chloe for outstanding progress in Maths. Keep it up.”

    - Mr Rayson

  • Naomi Hogguer-Garbett

    “For an excellent drama performance this week! Well done Naomi!”

    - Miss A Ravenscroft

  • Stephen Inett

    “Congratulations on some really positive feedback about your improving work in English. Well done!”

    - Mr Howard

  • Deep Multani

    “Congratulations on Deep for getting the best mark in his class on the recent test in Science on rocks. Very proud of this result which reflects the great work that Deep has put in throughout this year. Deep also deserves Star Student for being a really polite young man. Everyday he makes a point of saying hello and asking how I am whether this is in PT or around the school. He is a pleasure to have in my PT.”

    - Mr Bowen

  • Amina Islam

    “Well done on your excellent work in Media Studies and producing a high quality video and newsletters.”

    - Mr Rasool

  • Ashpreat Sandhu

    “Ashpreat has produced some really professional looking products for her coursework in Media Studies. Well done!”

    - Miss SK Gill

  • Harry Babb-Boland & Mohammed Usmaan

    “Harry has been praised for his excellent work in Media and helping other students. Mohammed has had an excellent term with lots of positive comments from his teachers. Well done to both boys!”

    - Mrs Virk

  • Liam Whitehouse

    “No negatives all year, an excellent achievement!”

    - Mr Taaffe

  • Whole PT

    “This week the PT Star Student goes to the whole PT! For being so supportive, kind and generous during the second term of the year. Well done everyone!”

    - Miss Lambert

  • Dante

    “Winning his DT competition, well done!”

    - Mr Durnall

  • Chris Gaspar

    “Well done to Chris for making a big improvement on his behaviour in lessons and around the academy!”

    - Miss Hillier

  • Emily Cartwright

    “Receiving the most positive e-portals in PT this week. Well done.”

    - Mr Smith

  • Jitesh Patel And Sairah Akhter

    “Well done to the both of you for always being so sensible and focused on your learning.”

    - Mrs Lowe

  • Mary-Beth Crackett And Priya Verma

    “Both students have been nominated by their teachers for excellent work. Well done.”

    - Miss Scott

  • Dylan Evans

    “Good improvement in behaviour.”

    - Mrs Humphries

  • Rohan Manku

    “Excellent work this week in Spanish and English. Well Done.”

    - Mrs James

  • Jeevan Seehra & Lewis Woodward

    “Massive thank you to the boys for donating money to Acorns charity and the PAG.”

    - Miss Hubble

  • Samuel Downes

    “Sam has successfully had his BTEC Sport modules signed off. Well done.”

    - Mrs Colley

  • Cassandra Buchanan, Chloe Spooner, Sandeep Dulay

    “These three have been a really positive influence on the younger members of the PT and have been working extremely hard in preparation for their A Level exams. Well done girls!”

    - Mr Campbell

  • Muskaan Chowdhary

    “Muskaan has had the most positives this week and is working very hard, putting effort into her subjects. Well done!”

    - Miss Hewitt

  • Robin Daly

    “Robin has secured an interview for an Apprenticeship with Linde; well done Robin!”

    - Ms Walsh

  • Taylor Williams

    “For such a generous contribution to the Acorns Charity during PT.”

    - Mr Price

  • Sabreena Aktar

    “Well done on a great last week of term.  ”

    - Miss Reynolds

  • Shivam Paul

    “Great progress in recent behavior.”

    - Miss Williams

  • Yasmin Bavington And Megan Madeley

    “Yasmin completed 40% of her Drama GCSE. Megan has been nominated to represent Brownies.”

    - Mrs Hood

  • Andrew Chu

    “For achieving over 70 positive e-portals since September! Fantastic achievement.”

    - Mrs Chapman

  • Henna Hartland Arpanjeet Kaur Simreet Jagpal  

    “For their fantastic Art and DT work. Keep up the great work.  ”

    - Miss Abrams

  • Kianna Blackwood

    “Kianna has made a fantastic improvement over this half term, both on her behaviour in lessons and her punctuality. She has really started to focus and is now feeling confident for her upcoming examinations. Keep up the hard work Kianna!”

    - Mr Hughes

  • Kimberley Ssewannyana

    “Kimberley has shown great maturity in the last week revising for her exams and has been working hard. Keep it up Kimberley.”

    - Miss Oakley

  • Haris Hussain

    “Well done for achieving an A* in Biology! Amazing achievement! Keep up the good work!”

    - Mrs Bailey

  • Lydia Hodgetts

    “Well done to Lydia for receiving the most positives for last term. Keep up the great work and excellent attitude!”

    - Miss Lowe

  • Kiertan Lally

    “For some excellent Media Coursework. Well done on all the effort and hard work you have put it. ”

    - Dr Green

  • Mason Lovatt

    “For achieving 2 A* in Biology assessment. Well done!”

    - Mr Oppong-Adu