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Session 3 Notices

UPDATED: Wednesday 11 December

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GCSE Results 2018-19

Weekly Broadcast


Star Student

Rajpal Ubhi

PT Star Students

  • Michelle Paul & Ethan Bains
    By Mr Williams
    For doing so well in their Science SAT Mock Exams. Great work!
  • Rhyianna Hamilton
    By Mr Wargos
    Our PT wouldn't be the same without Rhyianna. She is overdue for her PT Star Student reward from the previous week. We all know her for her her great potential to accomplish some amazing things, which often goes beyond the school. Well done Rhyianna
  • Evie Carter
    By Mr Wargos
    We recognise that in our PT there has been a wonderful change in Eve's behaviour in the past few weeks. That is why she certainly deserves a PT Star Student nomination. Well done, Evie, for all your hard work!
  • Oliver Nock
    By Mr Sweet
    For showing a fantastic work ethic when revising and preparing for his History mock exam.
  • Success Eboye
    By Mrs Talwar
    Well done for your outstanding performance in RE exam. Keep it up.
  • Saara Ajmal
    By Mr W Smith
    Nominated by her R.E. teacher for an exceptional result on her R.E. exam (14/15). Well done Saara - keep up the hard work!
  • Ryan Kelly
    By Miss Kellay
    Well done Ryan, for maintaining a positive attitude to learning and for putting in excellent effort into lessons!
  • Abigail Shipley
    By Mrs Izadpanah
    Had a fantastic week, achieved 9 positive in total. well done and keep up the great work.
  • Luke Jones
    By Miss Payne
    Well done on your Science SATS mocks! Keep up the hard work!
  • Amelia Bodley & Demi-Leigh Skidmore
    By Mrs Virk
    Both girls have been working really hard in lessons and have made good progress. Well done and keep up the hard work!
  • Amaad Ali
    By Mr Qudoos
    Excellent effort this week with 8 positives! Also achieved one of the highest marks in Year 8 for Science Mock SATS!
  • Ilisha Iqbal
    By Mr Sturley
    Across Year 13 Ilisha had the most positive Module 2 as recognised by staff when awarding positive house points. Well done, Ilisha. Keep it up!
  • Lauren Dicks
    By Miss Ware
    Well done on your number of positives this week!
  • Sharn Clarke And Abi Loydon
    By Mr Ferguson
    Well done to Sharn and Abi for representing the Academy in Sixth Form Netball game and U15 Girls Football game last week.
  • Elan Pritchett
    By Mr Rayson
    Well done for excellent work this week. Superb work ethic and effort. Keep it up!
  • Bethany Fray-Andrews
    By Mrs Brooks
    Receiving an award for excellent performance in her GCSE exams in the summer as well as becoming a natural role model in PT to younger PT members. Well done Beth, you are a star
  • Rachael Adewale
    By Mrs Akay
    Well done for setting so many positives and no negatives this week.
  • Manmeet Chahal
    By Miss Douras
    Congratulations on receiving the most positives this week in the PT. Well Done!
  • Rares Mihai Roman
    By Miss Gabrie
    This is Rares last day in PT before he moves back to Romania. Good luck Rares and keep smiling! From everyone in Miss Gabrie's PT group.
  • Nicholas Thomas
    By Mrs Zivkovic
    Nicholas took part in the National Cup as part of football, representing Sandwell Academy very well. Well Done Nicholas.
  • Amanjeet Dosanjh
    By Miss Woodhouse
    For a excellent week this week in representing the Netball with a great away win. Well done.
  • Mohammed Qayyum
    By Mrs Hamill
    For an improvement in all lessons this week and for receiving 5 positives this week. This is very pleasing to see, keep up the excellent work - good effort Mohammed :)
  • Ashok Limbu And Mandeep Singh
    By Mr Ullah
    Both Ashok and Mandeep excelled in their classwork for Mathematics and English. Both individuals have made excellent progress and have shown that they have the resilience to exceed in any given task.
  • Luke Preedy
    By Mr Khuttan
    Well done on your efforts during your fixture gaining 3 house points.
  • Lyon Wood
    By Miss Deakin
    Well done on achieving 6 positives this week across your subjects!
  • Callum Harper And Qayim Davey
    By Mr R Smith
    Both boys had had a much improved week getting lots of positives. Well done!
  • Miriana Zerihun
    By Miss Spillane
    For her good improvement this week, well done!
  • Johann Mosquito
    By Mr Hughes
    Johann has had an excellent week, receiving a range of positive across his subject areas. Johann has worked really hard and has been recognised for his positive work ethic. Keep up the hard work Johann and well done!
  • Satinder Heer
    By Miss S Kaur
    Positive Phone call home! Worked well.
  • Maya Kaur
    By Miss Ludy
    Maya is star student this week for getting a grade 7 in her topic test. Well done!
  • Rubecca,Riya,Kavanpreet,Cayden,Ellie-Mae,Kaitlyn
    By Mrs Hood
    Thank you to Rubecca and Riya for delivering Citizenship this week. Well done to Kavanpreet, Cayden, Ellie-Mae and Kaitlyn for earning Positives all week
  • Jamie Crawford
    By Miss L Scott
    Jamie has had a super week achieving 5 positives from various teachers. Well done Jamie!
  • Charlie O'connor
    By Miss Millard
    A positive attitude displayed to learning, including great effort levels across a range of subject areas this year, particularly DT, Maths, Spanish and Science. Well done! (LEM/FVM)
  • Basma Mohamed
    By Mrs Barnes
    Well done on achieving 44/45 on your Psychology test!
  • Abu-Bakr Siddiq
    By Mr Duffield
    Abu has acheived an A in Mathematics and also Chemistry. A huge Well done!
  • Lailah Davies
    By Miss Oakley
    Lailah has had a great week as well as having a postcard sent home for her fantastic efforts. Well done and keep up the great work! :)
  • Munrajan Rai
    By Mrs Fellows
    For representing the Academy in a football game. Well done Munrajan.
  • Treymaine Morris-Griffiths
    By Mr Bansal
    For mentoring a Year 7 student during PT time. Well done!
  • Aako Rawanduzy
    By Miss Parker
    Aako got 14/15 in his exam practice for RE, showing great commitment to revision for the subject.
  • Ravinder Khera
    By Miss Butigan
    Congratulations on your acceptance to four Universities! We wish you all the best - keep up your hard work and efforts!
  • Kysler Pagunsan
    By Mr Hughes
    Kysler has had a fantastic week, receiving a range of positives across subject areas. Keep up the hard work!
  • Erin Hardy
    By Miss SK Gill
    For delivering a very good Citizenship last week. Well done Erin!
  • Cuba Clarke
    By Miss Brain
    Great improvement within lessons and gaining loads of positives! Well done!
  • Amanpreet Kaur And Kyle Pressley
    By Mrs Bailey
    Thank you both for your contributions to Citizenship last week! You both a did a great job presenting to the PT!
  • Rohit Kanda
    By Miss Rai
    Well done for always working hard and concentrating in lessons. This has been shown through your mock results. Keep it up!
  • Alex Bevan
    By Miss Lalria
    excellent effort in lessons
  • Emily Cartwright & Isabella Priest
    By Miss Round
    For outstanding achievements in dance - well done!
  • Shaeriyakaitlynkaimaciejaminaryancaydenharpreet
    By Mrs Hood
    Well done to Shae, Riya, Kaitlyn, Kai, Maciej, Amina, Ryan, Caydena and Harpreet for returning their Module Reports promptly and a huge thank you to Harpreet and Rubecca for delivering Citizenship this week
  • Lewis Worthington
    By Mr Campbell
    Well done Lewis for an extremely positive week at the Academy.
  • Hussain Afazi
    By Miss S Scott
    For trying hard during his lessons and always being positive about school.

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