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Star Student

Rohan Batth

PT Star Students

  • Anjali Verma
    By Mr Sturley
    Anjali has had a fantastic start to the year and has been awarded 26 positives so far along with a Head of Year post card. Well Done, Anjali!
  • Lydia Bevan
    By Mrs Hamill
    Lydia received 51 house points this week, for her achievements in DofE, her help during the Year 6 Open Evening and for her efforts in lessons. Well done Lydia, very well deserved.
  • Joshua Jacques
    By Miss SK Gill
    For achieving the most positives in the PT last week. Well done Joshua!
  • Shenele Taylor
    By Miss S Scott
    Shenele has been recommended by her teacher for her kind and helpful attitude.
  • Jasleen Singh
    By Miss Bhandal
    Jasleen has made a great start to her UCAS application and showed commitment in planning her future.
  • Gurveer Singh
    By Miss Reema
    Gurveer is this weeks star student having been rewarded over 40 positives and exceeding that of the whole PT. Gurveer has had a great start to the year, is always trying his best and clearly is making great progress as made evident in his module report. Well done Gurveer.
  • Shane Mathe
    By Mrs Barnes
    Supporting ICT with the Y6 parent evening - your help was very much appreciated
  • Afrah Yousaf
    By Miss Marsh
    Continuing hard work across many lessons across the academy. Also for outstanding participation and contributions during enrichment activities.
  • Lauren Woodfield
    By Miss Gatrad
    Lauren has had an excellent module. Keep it up!
  • Jaiden Patel
    By Mr W Smith
    Jaiden has made a great start to Year 9. He has been commended on the amount of positives he has earnt so far. Keep up the hard work!
  • Chloe Beckett-Whitmore
    By Mr Bedford
    For an impeccable module! Keep up the good work.
  • Ketsia Mayombo
    By Mrs Talwar
    Well done Ketsia for getting the maximum number of positives this module.Keep it up.
  • Hollie Smith
    By Mrs Virk
    Hollie has had a fantastic module. She has had the most positive comments from her teachers and no negatives. This is a great achievement. Well done and keep it up!
  • Lola Bedford
    By Mr Hughes
    Lola has received over 30 positives across her subject areas for her hard work and focus in lessons. Well done Lola and keep up the hard work!
  • Ellen Hadley And Charlotte Christy
    By Miss Ludy
    Ellen and Charlotte have achieved the most positives in year 9 and thus have been given the head of year postcard. Well done, both!
  • Charlotte Tolley
    By Mr R Smith
    Charlotte has made a fantastic start to life at Sandwell Academy and received the most positives in PT. Well done.
  • Jude Mason And Emily Hughes
    By Miss Soor
    Well done Jude and Emily on your fantastic week - you have both got the highest positives in PT, 14 and 16 which accumulates to 30 positives in total! Well done on your fab start to the year and keep it up! :D
  • Gurjina Gill
    By Miss Millard
    Gurjina has made an excellent start to her GCSE subjects in Year 9 and is working extremely hard across all subject areas. She has also achieved an impressive number of positive comments for her effort and standard of work. Well done, keep it up! (LEM/FVM)
  • Akbar Nahda
    By Mrs Hood
    Well done to Akbar for achieve Positives all week in English, Geography, Mathematics and Performing Arts. Keep up the good work.
  • Verity Knight
    By Mrs Izadpanah
    Verity had a highest number of positives in PT. she works really hard everyday and being really helpful towards others in lesson. Keep up the good work.
  • Tirval Beckford
    By Dr Watkins
    Well done Tirval for getting no negatives this week. Make sure you keep this up!
  • Henna Hartland
    By Miss Gabrie
    For having a great attitude and showing excellent team leader skills in building a nation- Enrichment.
  • Keira Higgins
    By Mr Bansal
    For excellent effort representing the Academy during the Sandwell Schools Netball tournament
  • Anjali Verma
    By Mr Sturley
    Anjali has had a fantastic start to the year and has been awarded 26 positives so far along with a Head of Year post card. Well Done, Anjali!
  • Aaliyah Begum
    By Mr Follis
    Aaliyah is currently leading our PT for positives and house points. Keep up the great work!
  • Majid Rahman
    By Mr Khuttan
    Majid has worked well in English this week resulting in a positive phone call home.
  • Darrian Rowe
    By Miss Payne
    Well done for getting 36 positives and 0 negatives in Module 1. A great start to the year. Keep it up!
  • Lydia Rogers
    By Mrs Akay
    Well done Lydia for getting 49 positives this term and no negatives. That is brilliant!
  • Aleeza Shaikh
    By Mrs Brooks
    Aleeza is a bubbly character always positive in PT and I am particularly proud of her gaining 19 positives and no negatives this term so far. She is a caring person and helpful during PT
  • Katie Walll
    By Miss Oakley
    For having a good week as well as having achieved 21 positives since the start of the year. Well Done :)
  • Lawson Birch
    By Mr Emery
    Well done Lawson on achieving 20 positives in Module 1 which placed you in the Top 10 for the whole of Year 9. A fantastic start to the year.
  • Cole Deeming
    By Mr Kearns
    Cole is this week's PT Star Student for his excellent performance for the school football team. He scored an impressive 5 goals in one match, helping the Year 8 team to win in their defence of the National Cup! Well done Cole!
  • Bibek Kaur
    By Miss Spillane
    For achieving eight positives and for doing excellently during enrichment.
  • Cavan Martin-Jones
    By Mr Duffield
    Cavan is yet to receive a negative for the whole of module 1. Well done! Keep up the hard work!
  • Tyrese Beckford - Daley
    By Mr Golden
    Fantastic debut for post 16 football team
  • Lewis, Millie, Joshua And Jakub
    By Miss Round
    For displaying a professional attitude towards mock exams! Well done Year 11s!
  • Ashok Limbu And Naryan Sidhu
    By Mr Ullah
    Both students achieved positive house points because of their excellent work in lessons. Naryan produced outstanding art work receiving a positive postcard home. Whilst Ashok excelled in Spanish lesson, making swift progress in lesson.
  • Sophia Price
    By Mr Butler
    Sophia has received a whopping 34 positives so far this year, as well as 0 negatives - More than anyone else in the PT!
  • Troy Hill
    By Mr Campbell
    Well done getting golds during your swimming competition! Fantastic effort, well done!
  • CMW - PT
    By Miss Ware
    For excellent conduct during enrichment activities! Well done!
  • Whole PT
    By Mrs Hamill
    Well done to all students in the PT group for their excellent efforts during Enrichment !!
  • SJR
    By Mr Rayson
    Well done to all of the tutor group for their immense participation in the Enrichment activities. Excellent!
  • Harvey Kinsell
    By Mr Ferguson
    Well done Harvey for receiving twenty one positives comments this term.
  • Johann Mosquito
    By Mr Hughes
    Johann shown fantastic resilience during Enrichment. He took part in all the activities throughout the day and demonstrated good team work skills throughout. Well done Johann.
  • Ryan Cox
    By Mr Oppong-Adu
    Well done for your fantastic effort in all lessons. Keep working hard!
  • Aamnha Rubbab, James Rowe And Dylan Clarke
    By Mr Bedford
    For representing the academy well on the enrichment days outside of school!
  • Pavneet Kaur Chopra
    By Miss Parker
    Pavneet took part in Build a Nation as part of the enrichment programme last week. She put herself forward as a leader for Walters house during the day and helped the other leaders organise and lead their team to Winning the days presentations. You showed great maturity and leadership throughout the day, well done!
  • Grace-Tenesha Yonkeu Heunga
    By Mrs Barnes
    For the great improvement shown this academic year, keep it up!
  • Alana Acampora
    By Miss Rai
    Alana is star student due to always working exceptionally well in all of her lessons as well as receiving the highest positive points in PT. Well done!
  • Ria Ghai
    By Mr Howard
    Continued positive feedback from your teachers. Well done!
  • Kian Broadbent
    By Miss Lalria
    Good effort in English this week
  • Jessica Kaur
    By Mr Byrne
    Well done for receiving consistently high numbers of positives!
  • Joshua Bates
    By Mrs Najran
    Well done on achieving a good set of mock results. (NLL)
  • Filimon Asfha
    By Miss SK Gill
    For working very hard during English Session 3. Well done Filimon!
  • Meghan Whitehouse And Callum Thompson-Swann
    By Mrs Bailey
    Thank you and well done for a brilliant delivery of Citizenship last week to the group!
  • Kylie Pike
    By Miss Woodhouse
    For her fantastic art work and for being this weeks Whole School Star Student.
  • Harry Richardson
    By Miss Brain
    Positive attitude about his enrichment. Many positives throughout the week.
  • Cara Mccubbin
    By Mrs Fellows
    For an improved focus within subjects. Keep up the good work Cara!

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