Year 10 student enjoys time at England Football Training Camp

Fri, 06 Mar 2020

Written By: Juwayriya Abdulla, Year 12

Year 10 student Lino Da Cruz Sousa was recently scouted and picked to take part in an England Football Training Camp. While Lino was more than proud to be representing his country, he also mentioned the additional pressure the change brought about, as he was no longer just playing for teachers and family. In spite of the challenge, Lino welcomed the opportunity and believes it will benefit him in his career. Although the differences between playing for West Bromwich Albion FC and for England are slight, Lino said that he “preferred the faster process and more professional environment” with England, as it allowed him an insight into what his future could possibly entail.

When asked what he enjoyed most about football, Lino was eager to share that there wasn’t anything in particular, but rather that he’d always enjoyed the sport; he began playing at a very young age and decided to keep pursuing it, as he found it was where his talents lay. Despite enjoying the sport, Lino spoken about the vigorous routine he is expected to undertake to ensure he gives his best performance whenever he steps out onto the field. This includes a healthy diet with plenty of greens, as well as an hour in the gym every day and stretching before a game. Lino has an extremely positive attitude regarding his strict regime and appreciates that it allows him to keep in shape and to play to the best of his abilities, with the hope that it will aid him in reaching his ultimate goal of becoming a professional football player.

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