Year 11 Students Consider University as a Future Option

Thu, 06 Feb 2020

During January a selection of Year 11 students received an interesting talk from Jessica Johnson of Newman University.  Jessica came into the Academy to inform students about the benefits of attending university and the wide range of course options available to prospective future students.  She also talked to the students about the differing types of universities and what they can expect from university life.  Students were able to ask their own questions during the session and find out more detail about hours of study, assignments, free time and finance.  They also considered local universities, which are plentiful in the West Midlands, or studying away from home.  It was great to see students recognising that their GCSE results will be considered alongside any further qualifications gained during post-16. 

“This talk definitely opened my mind to the world of university and my future aspirations in education.” Maciej Kwiatkowski

“Very useful and helpful in guiding me towards what I should be looking at for my future education.” Joshua Bates

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