Birmingham Crown Court Visit

Tue, 11 Sep 2018

In July, a group of Year 10 students visited Birmingham Crown Court to find out more about how it ran and what it would be like to be in a court room. After passing through the security scanners, the students received a talk from the court’s clerk. They then had their questions answered by a high court judge, who told the students about his career trajectory and his day to day role. He also answered some difficult and insightful questions from the students, including whether he had ever made a decision in court that he regretted and what the hardest part of his job was.

From here, the students attended several different trials, having the chance to observe examinations by prosecution and defence lawyers, witnesses answering questions, and a defence lawyer’s closing statements. The cases they saw ranged from theft and fraud, to possession of weapons, and even murder.

The students were inspired by what they saw and several of them are now even more determined to pursue a career in law. Others are just determined never to get on the wrong side of a prosecution lawyer!

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