Medical Mavericks Visit SA!

Wed, 04 Oct 2017

On Thursday 14th September a group of students from Years 9 & 10 were lucky enough to take part in a Health Careers workshop ran by Medical Mavericks as part of their session 3 Medical Careers.

Students were able to take part in various activities such as:

  • Use the ultrasound machine to see inside their body
  • Taking a digital image of the back of their eye with an iPhone retina scan
  • Record and print an ECG from their heart
  • Measure their lung volume with a spirometer
  • Try key hole surgery on a training device used by surgeons
  • Use a real needle to take fake blood from a fake arm
  • Experience different eye diseases with the pathology goggles
  • Take basic medical observation such as blood pressure, oxygen sats and temperatures
  • Research further medical based careers and the qualifications required.

Miss Abrams said “This was a fantastic session and all students were able to get some real hands on experience and information”

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