High School Musical

Wed, 08 Mar 2017
Star Student

Performing Arts students took part in this year’s production of ‘High School Musical’ last week.

The show featured an array of talent from 123 students across all year groups as they performed the story of Troy and Gabriella and their dreams of performing in their high school musical. Different students played the lead roles each night, which gave the opportunity for many students to showcase their individual performance skills.

The show played to a packed out audience every night.

Students and staff began preparations for the show back in September and the hard work shone in every single performance.

The costumes, lighting and sound production all enabled the students to give their very best performances and the Performing Arts staff are justifiably proud of all of the students that took part.

Comments from the students were:

“It was something different compared to other shows we have done in the past”

“I really enjoyed being able to express our characters more”

Quote from Simon Topper – Head

“Everyone involved with High School Musical this year was outstanding and should be exceptionally proud in producing a spectacular show. The audience was blown away every night and as well as putting a smile on faces, it will live long in the memory of those that were lucky enough to be there!”

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