Army Cadet Force

Mon, 23 Jan 2017
Star Student

The recently formed Army Cadet Force detachment has tasted success for the first time helping A Company to win the West Midlands and Warwickshire County competition for the first time in 12 years.

The detachment at Sandwell was formed in December 2014 as part of the National Schools expansion programme and currently there are 20 cadets parading twice a week at the Academy. The aim of the Army Cadet Force is to provide young people of all abilities and backgrounds with the chance to develop themselves both physically and mentally within a military type setting. The Army Cadet Force aims to help cadets improve self-confidence, teamwork, friendship and leadership through a wide diversity of fun, exciting and adventurous opportunities.

As part of their training cadets have to pass tests proving their proficiency in the following topics: Drill, First Aid, Skill at Arms, Fieldcraft, Shooting, Military Knowledge and First Aid. These passes, as well as performances in other competitions, go towards a countywide competition against the other companies within the County (A, B and Z Company).

Despite being a new detachment, early on we have developed a strength in shooting with Cdt Jones, Cdt Madhas and Cdt Haq being selected for the Shirley Cup Competition in which A Company were the eventual winners. Another major success this year is Cdt Martin Jones, who was promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal.

Moving on to celebrating individual success, and following the most recent camp in November at Swynnerton; there have been passes across the board in different tests. Firstly, Cdt Jeens and Cdt Flute have both passed their One Star Navigation. Cdt Moore passed One Star Skill at Arms and in doing so has completed all her One Star training. The weekend proved successful for both Cdt Haq and LCpl Martin-Jones who both passed their Two Star Skills at Arms. Cdt Haq, Cdt Madhas and LCpl Martin Jones all passed their Two Star Navigation. This is a fantastic effort by all cadets, and demonstrates the skills and determination that all show on a week by week basis. Sandwell detachment now has three Two Star cadets, LCpl Martin Jones, Haq and Moore. Congratulations to all who have exceeded their expectations and shown real gumption.

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