Students Attend Tesco Workshop

Thu, 01 Dec 2016
Star Student

Students from the 6.1 Double Business Award group recently attended a workshop held at Sandwell Academy given by the local Tesco Community Champion Bhupinder Sidhu. The aim of the workshop was to look at Tesco’s recruitment and selection processes and how this contributes to their overall success and would help the students when completing their assignments.

The student’s feedback included:

“the session helped to get more specific statistics on employment in Tesco’s

“They also helped me gain a better understanding of their recruitment process”

“Mr Sidhu from Tesco came in and he spoke about the recruitment process in detail. I found this very useful for my unit 8 assignment. He asked us practise questions which made us really think.”

There is a follow up visit planned for a behind the scenes visit to the store in West Bromwich.

Many thanks to Bhupinder Sidhu and Tesco who made the workshop such a positive experience for the students.

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