Year 10 English Literature Explore Macbeth Day

Thu, 05 Mar 2020

Staff from the English department took nine Year 10 English Literature students for an ‘Explore Macbeth’ day at Birmingham City University. They had the opportunity to experience a University style lecture, a campus tour and University style workshops, which they absolutely excelled in! Despite being the only Year 10 students amongst Year 11 students from other schools, they stood out and were credited for their brilliant critical and analytical skills, as well as a solid understanding of Macbeth. All students were engaged and stimulated by the thought provoking activities. They were resourceful and praised students from other schools when they too made high level, in depth explorations of the text. It was fantastic to hear so many of them express an interest in University by the end of the day and begin thinking about future career prospects.

Students commented after the event: “Very informative. Great taste of life in Uni” and “Helped me with my Macbeth exam style questions”.

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