PT Star Student: Week Commencing 10 Sep 2018

TKV/JMP Whole PTAll students have had a really positive start to the new school year at the Academy. Well done and keep it up!Mrs Virk
Year 7 StudentsFor settling into Sandwell Academy well and achieving several positive Bromcom entries.Mrs Chapman
Luke StokesExcellent first week at the academy! 3 positives, well done!Mr Frearson
Xavier, Shannon, Mohammed, Danveer And JasonAll new students have made a real effort to settle into the Academy and become active members of PT. Mr Sturley
Sanveer SinghWell Done Sanveer for an excellent first week at Sandwell Academy! You achieved the most positives in our PT group. Keep up your hard work!Miss Butigan
Bibek KaurFor a fantastic first week at the academy. Well done Bibek! Mrs Fellows
Joiheem MortonCongratulations to Joiheem for receiving three positives this week, the highest number of positives in our Tutor Group! His effort, attitude and good classwork has been recognised by his ICT, Art and Geography teachers. Well done!Miss Dunningham
Bradley ShuttleworthWell done Bradley for having an excellent first week back! You have had such a positive attitude in all your subjects, especially Spanish and I am very proud of you! Keep this great work up!Miss Gabrie
Majinder KaurFor achieving a grade A in her Mathematics As exam. Mr Bedford
Charlotte Christy, Sam T, Tanvi G, Leah J.Excellent work completed for Art over the school holidays. Well done Year 7 for settling in so well. (Sam Turner, Tanvi Gill, Leah Jesson)Mrs Colley
SJR PTWell done for a fantastic first week. Superb performance.Keep it up!Mr Rayson
Hollie VanesFor welcoming and helping the Year 7 students settle in. Miss G Kaur
The New Students (Y7 + 12)Well done to our new students for settling into the PT and school life! Great start guys well done!Mr Templeman
Samuel QuilterSam worked really hard during the summer while on holiday abroad to complete all his school homework. He did so to the highest of standards. Sam was capable of writing two postcards for two of his teachers in Spanish using the past tense very accurately. Very well done Sam!Miss Bulto
Olivia ChandOlivia has had three positives already this week, has settled into school very well. Well done Olivia!Miss L Scott
Malakai Johnson-WilliamsMalakai has achieved lots of positives in his first week. He has also been very respectful, well-mannered and polite. Well done Malakai!Miss SK Gill
Abizar RajAbizar has made an excellent start to his GCSEs and has gained four positive eportals for his excellent effort this week. Miss S Scott
Abdur RahmanGood start to Year 11, with 2 positives already.Miss Spillane
Alyssa DayritWell done for a brilliant start and fantastic first week. Alyssa has shown excellent confidence and has immersed herself into life at the Academy. Miss Millard
Harriet, Harley And KiranjitWell done Year 7 for the fantastic start to the year and a great week! Keep it up! :D Miss Soor
Finley SloanFinley must be commended for raising £111 for Race for Life during the month of July 2018. A big well done Finley.Mr Ferguson
Ella RobbinsElla has been brave settling in at Sandwell Academy.Mrs Ballinger
Kyla NunesAn excellent start to the academic year with 3 positive comments for Art, Maths and SpanishMrs James
Lilac, Isabella, Caleb And JamesAn excellent first week settling into the Academy. Well done.Miss Hubble
Anastazia PartykaExcellent research into Work Experience and Volunteering for D of E,Miss Dickenson
Riya, Cayden, Akbar And KavanpreetWell done to all the new Year 7 students. They have settled in well and had a fabulous week. Welcome to our PT.Mrs Hood
Ethan Bains & Michelle PaulWell done for making a fantastic start to the year and settling in so well. You are a very welcome addition to the Tutor Group!Mr Williams
Braydon Jones & Tanisha LochabWell done for a fantastic first week at the Academy! You have settled in so well and the PT group is very proud of you both. Fantastic effort! Mr Campbell
All 6.1 Students Well done to all 6.1 students for a fantastic set of GCSE results. Miss Lowe
Alby John, Lily Mason & Larissa SandhaCongratulations to our Year 7 students who have made a great impression on their first week. Well done!Mr Howard
Sophia Price And Zulqarnan AzizA fantastic and positive start to SA! Well done and keep up the great work!Miss Williams
Tiannah Dixon And Mohammed QayyumWell done to both Tianna and Mohammed for a fantastic first week in Sandwell Academy. You have settled in really well. Keep up the great work, and welcome to the PT group !!Mrs Hamill
Raheem KashifRaheem has been nominated by his PT for being nice to others and settling in well to the routine in his first week at the academy.Mr Leach
Simran SagooAn excellent start at Sandwell Academy, receiving the most positives this week! Well done Simran!Miss Regan
All New Year 7 StudentsFor making an excellent start to life at Sandwell Academy!Mr R Smith
Charley BrookesCharley has settled into the Academy incredibly well, received five positives from her subject areas for all her hard work and focus in lessons. Well done Charley and keep up the hard work!!Mr Hughes
Simran Sidhu And Ajay TaggarSimran will be helping to choreograph the dance for 'Be our guest' in the show. Ajay has attended Computer Science Session 3 to help him improve his coding. Well done, Simran and Ajay.Mrs Colley
Lucy Byrne, Caiden Dowson And Lauren DicksWell done to all of the new students in my PT. You have made an excellent start to the academy and a great impression. Keep up the positive work!Mr Rebecchi
Aaliyah Begum, Ameer Hussain And Mohammed ZeeshanA big congratulations to the new Year 7's who have settled into life at Sandwell Academy this week. Mr Follis
Pavan DhootWell done to Pavan for having a successful first week at the Academy. She has secured 4 positives this week; one for each day of the week! She is also doing a great job of remembering where to go for her lessons and she is making friends within the PT.Miss Gledhill
Adam, Leonardo, Rhianna And ZaraWell done to the new Year 7s for a fantastic start to the year! Keep it up!Mr Byrne
Nirian Murdock And Harlem Baugh Nirian because you made such a good impression on your work experience that they employed you over the summer and Harlem for getting most improved player for your contributions to your Ice Hockey team. Dr Green
Kia DavisFor a fantastic start to the Academy and already on the leaderboard for top amount of house points. Well Done Keep up the great work. Miss Woodhouse
Elicia HannFor being very welcoming to the new year 7 studentsMr Miah