Year 10 students visit DURA Automotive Systems.

Fri, 07 Apr 2017
Star Student

A group of Year 10 students currently studying Design and Technology visited DURA Automotive Systems to see how their business works and what they produce.

The students were shown a presentation giving them a company overview; this was a real eye opener for the students and could relate this to their Product Design course.

The group then took part in a factory tour where they we able to see the manufacturing processes close up and got to touch materials at different production stages rather than just looking at them.

Students gained a real understanding of how everything works, and were able to relate the factory theories they are learning to a real working environment. The final part of the day was a Torch Making activity, which involved the use of LEAN manufacturing, which had been explained during the day, and the skills of the students shone through.

It was a full on day including short and snappy tasks that everyone had fun but also learnt along the way. All the students enjoyed the day and commented how much they had learnt and how it had made they realise about the different strands to engineering.

The group was well looked after and everyone was friendly, and the students were great ambassadors for the Academy and we hope to be invited to visit again.

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